Monday, July 28, 2008

Doing the Charleston

Wow! What a fun weekend! I was blessed to spend the past weekend with my best college girlfriends. We try to get together once or twice a year (aside from wedding and baby showers) for a fun, girls getaway weekend. This year was no exception! We spent the weekend in Charleston dining on fabulous food, lounging on the beach and ending with a scrumptious brunch. There is so much "catching up" to do with all of us when we get together, so there was no moment of silence-whatsoever! I loved it! This circle of friends is a bit different than the earlier post, these are girls that have only known each other 10 years or so, but share an incredible bond of closeness that people think we'd never been apart in 30 years! We trudged through many of our 'growing pains' together. I think everyone on the trip lived with each other at some point or another, or close to it. We shared some of our best years together in school at Georgia Southern. At GSU it use to be so easy to go to Savannah, Hilton Head or any beach and take a quick getaway, we had no cares or responsiblities (thanks mom and dad!). And now, it takes a lot more effort to get everyone together for a weekend due to the simple fact of growing up! Especially since we're all spread out throughout the southeast, BUT YET, these girls all tend to find sitters, miss work and travel lengthy hours for our trips, which always leave us with crazy memories. It's awesome to think "Gosh, we really were together all the time at such important times in our lives, and how amazing and wonderful we are still together!" Thanks Alycia for hosting us in your gorgeous home and I can't wait til our next girls getaway. I remember back in college saying "I hope when we're 30 we're still great friends and going on trips together." This trip I left saying "I hope when we're 40 we're still great friends making time for trips together." I have no doubts we will....

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