Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Boy!

Well, my sweet, precious, loves his Aunt so, nephew Davis turned ONE this Monday the 25th! We had a family party this past Sunday with almost 30 people~just family in attendance! I was certain little man would cry when we sang Happy Birthday but as you can tell from the picture where he is getting his own cake he was clapping and laughing and we were singing! Granted, we sang for weeks before preparing him for this big day! He was great and loved the entire party! He got lots of super toys that amazed me. I personally hope his most favorite is the Sit and Bounce Zebra his Aunt gave him :). He was all smiles, played nicely and seemed to enjoy every minute of it. I am so blessed to have so many "children" in my life, that are just like family. But I have to say, there is nothing like having a sibling have one!!! And I cherish all the children I love and spend time with but I "crave" Davis time. I am so lucky to see him so often. I think he likes me, and the fact that I gave him potato chips and REAL coke last week for lunch has nothing to do with it. :) Or the fact that I read the Cookie Monster book 10 times in a row last week (none others would do). He's a joy to us and a blessing! He came at just the right time! God's timing is so good! He's been the biggest blessing to me this past year and I just cannot believe how far the two of us have grown the past year, he more physically and me more emotionally. :) I remember the day he arrived so vividly. He is one loved little boy! Thanks Shannon and Matt for making me an aunt, if you'd like to make me an aunt to 2, I'd be most appreciative :).

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