Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday's Fun Facts :)

TGIF :) Love the weekends! Here are ten "Fun Facts" about me that you may not know! :)

1-I have had 8 cars! (before you think I'm a horrible driver-only one replaced due to a wreck!) :)
2-I looove cheese!
3-All the family on my moms side (alll 23 of us) live within 5 miles of each other
4-I play the piano
5-I have been in 14 weddings
6-I have a PINK bathroom (original 1950s pink, love it!)
7-I run my heater in my office 365 days a year-yes even in 90 degree temps outside, I'm always cold!
8-If you come to a shower, party or dinner at my house I would cry if we ran out of food, not gonna happen, it's a southern thing ;)
9-5 out of 6 my grandparents are living~one that I never had the chance to meet, the others I have been blessed to know well. I've also known 6 of my great grandparents in my lifetime!!
10-I am taking 12 trips in 12 months this year for my 30th bday year! It's on my "30 x 30' list that I have loved completing!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

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