Monday, October 6, 2008


Well it was that time of year again for our annual "Chicknick" trip. This trip is taken with some of my oldest and dearest friends. (See my previous post 'Lifelong Friends' in July to REALLY know these gals!) :) Anyhow, we headed up to our families cabin in Big Canoe Friday afternoon and we had THE BEST time ever. Chicknick is always so fun. We laugh til we cry, we eat way too much and somehow always end up our pj's nonetheless. A "true" slumber party. Everyone even had to bring their own 'slumber snack!' We also play "Favorite Things" each year, which is where you bring your favorite thing under $20, each year this game is a blast and its so fun to get to know someone else's favorite item. So all sorts of things make an appearance at this game! We play the traditional way where we draw numbers, steal gifts,etc and everyone leaves with someone else's favorite thing. Many girls get very creative. Saturday the weather was GORGEOUS so we had pedicures and played tennis, we also had dinner out and we were so loud and with 11 of us we had the cameras going, we thought we were paparazzi! I was convinced we were "that table" until someone said how nice it was to see a group of girls get together for a weekend of fun. We are all blessed to have each other. I cannot think of one minute that someone wasn't laughing on this trip. It's one of my most favorite weekends and it was a great time for us to really getaway. Some left spouses at home, some left children at home and it was a true getaway for all! We even reminised on old times and old trips. I had a blast and love these girls with all my heart! They are the best friends a girl could ask for.....and the memories are priceless.

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Heather said...

Jennifer.. I didn't know you blogged. Just stumbled across your blog from Kristi's. Love it! We need to get together for dinner or something soon. --Heather