Thursday, November 13, 2008

D-NOW 08'~A passion like Fire!

Well, Disciple Now 08 is here!!!! This is a youth retreat weekend for all our youth (grades 6-12) from our church. This year we have our biggest number ever of youth attending!!! I've been stressed to the max this week, hoping I have enough space to 'house' the precious 11th and 12th grade girls that are assigned at my house, figuring out what to feed them, logistics, scheduling, games, programs and much more. Then I realized having MORE girls than I expected at my house and figuring out a few more last minute details is a GOOD problem. No, it's a GREAT problem. It took me all week to realize that, and an exhausting day today, but I'm finally there. :) D-Now was one of my favorite weekends as a youth no matter who's church was hosting it and I'm trying to remember those great weekends, my leaders and how much fun we all had so I can get in 'high school' mode again :). We have an INCREDIBLE band coming (Kristian Stanfill!!) which will be amazing in itself, we have some killer program, skits & productions that will take place (check back Monday for Jennafergie's appearance, I hear MTV CRIBS stopped by her place!!) :) and even a Tahiti relief project to help our sister church that is in dire need of our assitance right now. I get excited typing it all out! We have an AWESOME group of leaders in place (which always makes it a blast) and more importantly we have an abundance of teenagers coming that I hope and pray are blesssed in many ways this weekend. For those that have asked what they can pray for, THANK YOU! I love that you ask me to blog about this!!! It makes me smile! :) goes; Pray for our entire weekend, our plans, our relief project, our speakers, our leaders, our students and most of all for the Lord's prescence to be alive and active! Despite all of us going nuts trying to plan the 'perfect' weekend, we know that we WILL have enough beds, we WILL have enough breakfast, we WILL have enough pray and play time :). Now we in the goodness that WILL take place this weekend! Our theme is on fire, so pray we're all fired up :).
If I'm awake enough Monday I'll catch you all up with an update and pictures ;). Seeing as I'll have a HOUSE FULL of High School Junior & Senior Girls ALL weekend at my home, I'm thinking Monday will be a 'recovery' day. :) But a blessing it will be!
Fired Up,
~Jennifer (aka Jennafergie!)

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Ally said...

What an awesome way to spend your weekend. I know you enjoyed Kristian Stanfill; he's awesome, and music is always such a great way to worship our Savior.