Monday, November 17, 2008



A-MAZING WORSHIP led by Kristian Stanfill!!!

Yes, we went rolling....;)

I made it!!!! Fourteen WONDERFUL 11th & 12th grade girls and ONE bathroom I've decided is 'roughing it' :) HOWEVER, it worked out PERFECT! There wasn't one fight/issue or drama regarding our limited bathroom space :). There were bodies all over my little house and we seemed to have plenty of room! I ate more than I care to share. We stayed up til 3am on Friday and 2am on Saturday! We spent AWESOME times at the church Friday night,all day Saturday & Sunday morning. We had INCREDIBLE worship led by THE KRISTIAN STANFILL! When not at the church, we had great small group time, a dance-off, a trip to Starbucks, a trip to Wal-Mart (for toilet paper and it wasn't used for the one bathroom) and tiaras for everyone that we doned at church on Saturday evening :). We laughed, we shared, we ate like crazy, we jammed out in the cars to and from our destinations and we all worshipped together at the fabulous services! It was a great weekend minus computers, tv's and even phone calls were short! Nobody even asked to check their facebook page once! :) These girls were amazing!! They are all sooooo special and precious to me. I see them each week in Sunday School but believe me, you don't 'know' them til you spend a weekend w/ them smushed in my house. :) I met a few new faces of girls that had brought friends. I learned what was going on in high school these days and were reminded of my days back at Harrison. I hope they all got something out of the weekend. It was an incredible experience for me! It was a blessing to be their leader AND their host home and I am now even more caught up on the latest ways to shorthand text messaging. :) Thanks for all the prayers that went up for an awesome weekend, they were answered beyond measure!! Have a blessed week! :)


Katie said...

Oh bud, it looks like so much fun!! If this weekend wasn't so crazy I would have been there! I like how ya'll "roll"!!

HappyascanB said...

Isn't is awesome when you try to impact young people, and they impact you! I am sure you were the coolest hostcat ever!!!

Robyn said...

you rock, bud. what fun!! e luv u!