Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thirty and The year of travel......

I am so sorry I've been MIA, I smile when I get emails asking where I've been b/c I've not posted, that means a lot! Its nice to know you're read:). I've been out of town most of the time and with that I'll start with......I made a list a while back called a "30 by 30" list and I have had a blast completing it. I got most of all it completed and even gave myself another year while 30 to get the last few things accomplished. Some are as simple as baking a cake from scratch, deep sea fishing and others were a bit more involved...One thing on there was that I wanted to travel this year. I've been fortunate enough to travel in the past and have so many more things I wanted to do and see! Well, I took over 12 trips in 12 months this year! I loved every minute of it! In 2008, I visited Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Paris, Nice, Ireland and some a bit closer to home...Charleston, St. Simons, North Carolina, West Virginia, Galveston Texas, and next week NYC! Not to mention several trips to Big Canoe, one of my most favorite places. I saw things I never thought I'd see, walked where I never thought I'd walk, shopped in the most amazing places, ate authentic cuisene, saw amazing sights in Rome (collesium, patheon, sistine chapel), Shopped in Florence to return with an authentic Italian leather jacket, took a boatride in Venice, Walked Paris an entire day by myself, Gambled in Monte Carlo, jumped in the French Riveria, Spent 2 weekends with awesome college girlfriends in Galveston and Charleston, spent Thanksgiving in Ireland with my 2nd family for my goddaughters baptism, laid on the beach in St Simons (my fave beach spot), saw the most gorgeous leaves in North Carolina, and took in every second. I feel SO BLESSED to have been able to do this and even more blessed that I got to travel with such GREAT people. I traveled most of my trips with different circles of friends or family. Next week I travel with my lifelong best friends, most since grade school to NYC to celebrate ALL of our 30th bdays and I cannot wait, I love that place!! I vowed that turning 30 in 2008 would be great and it's been far beyond what I ever imagined. I have traveled the world, met so many new faces, built long lasting friendships, turned another decade older, had an A-MAZING surprise 30th bday bash which I am FOREVER grateful for, got the gift of my dreams (A Louis Vuitton I've wanted for at least 15 years, yes 15!) :) my relationship with Christ has grown far greater than I could imagine, I've become closer to my family, lifelong friends, gained so many great ones, decorated my house from floors to window treatments, been blessed to speak to groups of women sharing my past struggles and story, became a godmother, ate sushi, gained new neighbors, shared my home, learned true forgiveness and learned love all over again. I am blessed beyond measure. If it wasn't Christmas I'd have that song back on my blog!

I am amazed daily at my family, friends and the love they continue to show me and thank God everyday for that and most importantly his amazing grace he continues to shed on me. "But I am like an olivetree flourishing in the house of God. I trust in God's unfailing love forever and ever" Psalm 52:8. Have a blessed Christmas season. And I promise....more to come!




Gormangirl said...

Just reading about all of this traveling has made me exhausted! I know wonderful memories have been made and I'm excited to see what your 30's hold. Have you started a 40 by 40 List??

Katie said...

Happy Birthday my sweet bud!!! I'm so glad your year has been fab! Now I can't wait to turn 30! I'm gonna start making my list!! Love ya!

HappyascanB said...

I am so happy for you! You deserved all this fun this year, bud! Thanks for the pictures and sharing the stories with us! Love you!