Monday, January 5, 2009

Going to shine in 2009

Yes, yes, thats cheezy but it rhymed, didnt it? 2008 ended GREAT (oh I am full of them today!) Hope you like the new page, its all ready for Valentine's Day! :)
It was a great great year. Christmas was wonderful, it just didn't last long enough! I was blessed to spend the Christmas with my family and others and had a wonderful time doing it all! This year, I could care less what I had gotten in gift (really, I didn't) I was just so thrilled to spend the time with Davis, my precious nephew, who was so fun at Christmas this year being 1! And, so thankful for all the blessing brought into my life this past year!

The new year brings new things, new faces, new places, new life and I'm so thankful to begin a new year where I'm at in life! I am grateful for all the travel I did in 2008 but my New Year's resolution is to STAY HOME :). We'll see how that goes :). I've already been successful in turning down TWO trips that I normally would've jumped right on! I am really trying to stick to this resolution! :)

My friend Bethany (link to her blog on the left, dont know how to link yet) "tagged" me on her blog and we blog buds stick together, so here goes......Bethany tagged me, and I am suppose to share ten things about myself that are "pretty interesting". I've done a 'TOTALLY RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME" blog before so I'll try not to repeat myself....let's see....

1. After doing a 30x30 list, I am currently working on my 40x40 list, I figure it should be a good list since I now have ten years :). Suggestions??
2. I HATE running, HATE it! Would rather walk fast, hike or bike but HATE running... but will do so at times. :)
3. I eat peanut butter crackers and a coke everyday for breakfast (yes, yes I know, not the best choice). I think people that sit down for breakfast on weekdays are strange ;) I need that time to get in my last minutes of beauty sleep and primp. ;)
4. I LOVE Department 56 Snow Villages! I put mine up everyear! One of my 40x40's is to be able to put my entire village all in one spot on display at some point. Now, they are just scattered about, however, being me, I do try to place the restraunts together (who wouldn't want krispy kreme after being a the mexican cantina or chinese palace??) I put my winery and irish pub together, yet far enough away from the church ;).
5. I remember numbers in a strange way. I can recall phone numbers from ages ago, street numbers, zip codes off the top of my head. I've been like this forever and all my close friends and family think its great, yet none of us have figured out a way for me to use it. They call me "the walking phone book" or use to, it was MUCH more helpful pre-cell phone days. :)
6. I attended Cotillion (manners class) in middle school. I strictly went because my friends went and the best part................ WE GOT TO DRESS UP EACH TIME WE WENT. I loved that part! I still remember all my ball dresses, and even remember my favorite cotillion outfit from just a regular meeting. It was a bright purple skirt and top, pretty fancy and I thought I was hott stuff ;) I know the box step from that and that the guy to your left is 'responsible' for you at a proper seating. ;)
7. I struggle most with WORRYING. Although, if you know me, you know I've been this way for my ENTIRE life and you'd also know that I've gotten sooooooooooooo much better! I've learned to surrender, and go on my way, although this is still my biggest struggle. I tend to worry about everything :).
8. My favorite color is PINK (I know, shocker) but my favorite color to wear is RED.
9. My favorite hobby is SHOPPING (yes, another shocker) my favorite inexpensive hobby is reading or tennis. :) Although the tennis becomes expensive since I love the clothes ;)
10. You will not catch me snorkeling :). I hate fish and birds. Yes, random, but not a fan of either. I don't even eat seafood and cannot stand the thought of fish in the ocean when I'm there. I once had a bird in my house and locked myself in my hallway until help came, it was just a small tiny bird that came through the chimney in the kitchen but I refused to assist it in getting out. I don't think he liked me either....

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HappyascanB said...

Yay! Thanks so much for playing along! I hate birds, too! They make my skin crawl!!!! And I especially hate them when they're all grouped together in flocks. . . ICK! And people make fun of me b/c I go to the Library! I LOVE READING! Speaking of, you must read "Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen". It's based in Ringgold, GA, and it's just precious! Okay, this is officially much too long of a comment. . . soooo sorry, bud!