Monday, January 26, 2009

Slumber Parties, Beth Moore & Jury Duty!

What a combination huh? :) This weekend was fabulous with the girls at Big Canoe. We had a blast and the girls seemed to love the cabin and especially the hottub. We ate as expected more than we care to share. We shopped at the 400 outlets most all of the day on Saturday, came home and ate homemade spaghetti (thanks SIMS!) followed by a Reese Witherspoon marathon. We watched Legally Blonde I &II as well as Sweet Home Alabama. Sidenote~-I recently visited the place where filming of SHA was which is Crawfordville, GA. Even ate bbq at the 'bar' that they went to and hung out at and saw the downtown area where all the 'town' scenes are filmed. Very neat,highly recommend it, great stop on the way home from Charleston!

I learned all the latest Taylor Swift songs,(sung at the top of every girls lungs) heard so many laughs coming from the hottub it scared me of who was doing a swan dive from the top porch to the lower porch that houses the hot tub, no piercing kits showed up (that i am aware of), I learned the latest RUSH news from a college attendee, and was reminded of the fabulous college life by all of our college gals that joined us. It was a lot of fun and a weekend to remember! Lots of laughs and girl talk and I think I brought home an additional 5lbs from it. No more youth weekends :). J/K of course...........

Beth Moore, you ask? Well, I am blessed to hear her speak every year with my dear friend, Alycia, we haven't missed yet and those times are PRECIOUS to us. Well, Beth and her praise band, Travis Cottrell, who I also adore, taped a music dvd last night at Woodstock Baptist Church. My fab friend, Sarah, sings in the FBWC praise team and got us FRONT ROW killer seats. We were so close we could hardly stand it. We were CERTAIN we'd be on the dvd :). We'll see how that goes. It was a GREAT experience, the music was incredible, Beth spoke 3-4 times for about 2-3 minutes a piece, to go along with the songs and it was a fabulous night of worship! The lighting, sound, stage, choir, etc was amazing and I was thrilled to be a part of it. Now, if they would just put our row of girls on the cover....:)

Jury Duty! Yep, thats me! All week long :). I was so excited when I got the summons, only because I just thought it was fabulous and glamorous despite being told otherwise :). I learned today though, it is quite boring, although I give State Court 'snaps' (remember I watched Legally Blonde all weekend) that their proess and procedure is quite efficient! I was randomly selected to be in group one, therefore I had to be the last to leave, but was dismissed at 1pm and headed to work! I read a book I'd saved especially for this week "Same Different as Me" and only hope to go back just so I can have quality time to finish my book! However, since I was in the last group to be dismissed Monday, our group had Tuesday off, sooooo no reading time . I enjoyed my 1/2 day of civic duty and 1/2 day of work Monday. I went back Wednesday ALL day to sit there and that was fine, as the juror administrator said "what choice do you all have? " :) As much as I wanted to be on a case, as soon as they said our group was waiting for a possible criminal case, I cringed. I would feel so sorry for everyone, I would probably be one of those obnoxious jurors that causes 'hung juries'. So, it's probably better I'm relinqueshed of my civic duties .....until next time :)

I tried to post pictures of Big Canoe and Beth but it would not let me....will attempt again :)


Caitlin said...

yay, new blogging buddies!! :)

HappyascanB said...

How much fun your weekend must've been! I got all keyed up when I was selected for Jury Duty, too. Didn't get picked. . . I'm totally jealous of your Beth Moore event! I'm seeing Third Day at our church in a couple of months, though! YAY!

Heather said...

Linked over from Kristi's blog.. I am going to try to link you to mine. Keep in touch and we need to round up a group for happy hour or dinner soon!