Friday, January 23, 2009

Slumber Party with Teenagers?!?!

Yep! 16 wonderful teenage girls and two of my good friends, will be trucking it up to my families cabin in Big Canoe this weekend to host "BUDS BIG CANOE BASH 09" :). You might thing I'm crazy (and I probably am) but I do love these sweet girls! We have the 11th and 12th grade girls going, along with some from our college class. It will strictly be GIRL TIME. Which means lots of gab, junk food, nails painted, new hair-do's, shopping at the outlets, more laughs than you can count and............................ NO SLEEP :).
This is my 2nd weekend doing this in 2 months! Last time they were all at my house so this time we have a good bit more room and more than ONE bathroom! HALLELUJAH FOR THAT! :)
And one of the girls wants to bring a wal-mart belly button piercing kit....FOR ME! I told her I think that is only for the teenage bodies, of which I'm not. I also tried to stress the importance of sterlization in this process, that we cannot provide at a cabin, but I was quickly told "um we do this ALL the time, and you're the ONLY ONE without one" I am also the only one that is 30 in this group! Ahhh the peer least while at my 'high school' weekend. :)

Pray for a fun, safe, belly button infection free weekend ;) No telling the stories I will have to tell on Monday........

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Abby said...

Oh my... you are brave. Tell those girls to stay away from your button! :-)