Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And they're off.....!

Big hats, super heels, cute dresses, warm sun, good friends and a good beau, horse races with WINNINGS what more could a girl want in a weekend?? This past weekend we traveled to Kentucky to meet some friends and attend Keenland, one of the fabulous horse races in Kentucky! We had a fabulous brunch tailgate the morning of the races and then headed into the Grandstands at 1230 for the 1pm race. the inside was beautiful, gorgeous landscaping, very well kept, neat venue. Pretty dressy. I loved that there was a small string band playing as you entered, hats and horses galore! There were 9 races total and we bet a little on each, I strictly picked by name while everyone else was analyzing how much the horse had won that year, who their jockey was, etc. And it turns out, that stuff really doesn't matter, we won several races! I have never been so excited on a $2 bet before :). 'If only' we had bet more. I must say the #1 race we bet on Precious Princess, how could she NOT win, she was not favored at all YET SHE WON!!!! I wanted a picture with her but didn't make it out in time to visit with her. I'm not one to gamble so I didn't actually place the bets, my job was to pick the names and then kiss the tickets before the race, it worked! :) Fun times had by all and a wonderful, memorable weekend!! I really plan to go back to another KY horse race, it was a blast! Here are some pics! This upcoming weekend a group of friends and I are headed to Rome, Ga for Steeplechase. We go yearly so its that time of year again, so two weekends of horsies, whats a girl to do? Buy another hat is what she is to do! I truly think that is THE reason we have horse races :).


Chelle said...

you could not look more adorable and classy!!! looks like so much fun!

ed said...


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