Thursday, April 16, 2009

Down on the Farm

I have a few 'favorite' spots I love to go to that are close to home and this is just one of them. I was fortunate enough to travel lots of places all over the world last year for my 30th year and saw some AMAZING sights (older blog"Thirty and the Year of Travel" on it if you want to see pics) Anyhow, out of all the places I got to see and absolutely loved visiting, there are still a few more closer to home that mean more than any statue, monument, ocean or historic building. One of those places is known as "The Farm."

Just a few years ago, some of my best friends, Staci & Andy's parents purchased "The Farm." It was a beautiful 1800s home on 420 lush beautiful acres complete w/ pecan and peach orchards, located right outside Macon, Georgia in Marshallville. However, it is very much 'off the beaten path'. Its GORGEOUS!!! The beloved home was last used as a hunting club if I remember right, and bless Andy's mothers heart, she has worked ever so long on making the home cozy and comfortable for all. It has a touch of her in every space of that house. Its perfect now and fully functional. Complete w/ old tall windows that are original, as the floors and many other details of the home show its date. It has a great side yard that I dream about and as you ride up to the 'home place' you see a white picket fence on the edge of the property and a big front porch welcoming you in. It is simply breathtaking, especially when things are in bloom, or a recent snowfall (it does happen!) or when its all green in the summertime.

The Thompson's have been MORE than generous throughout the years allowing all of us to go down there and visit. I've been with Mr & Mrs Thompson many times as well as the groups Staci and Andy bring down. I think I've only missed one trip in all the years. I just LOVE that place.

Its the one place I get dirty :) Its the one place I wear camo :) Its the one place I will shoot a gun (I hate guns usually) Its the one place I TRULY relax. Its the place I can drive a 4-wheeler, play in the mud, see Deer, saw my first coyote, and act silly the entire weekend. :) Its also one of the few places I will go without 'doing my hair' :) I just love it.

A few weekends ago was no exception, a group went down there, just as many many times before and had a great time just as many many times before. We rode 4-wheelers nonstop, shot skeet, targets (thankfully not each other, these guys are super safe!), we got muddy so much we got a truck stuck :). Laughed til we cried, ate til we popped (those are a 'given' on any trip there!) and enjoyed lifelong friendships and new ones as well. Its a place where everyone is themselves and relaxed. A place to tell stories around the late night campfires, a place to see true nature and beauty! Thanks to Staci and Andy ONCE AGAIN for hosting an amazing weekend. They are priceless and we always leave blessed by friends and full of memories, every single time we've had a visit down on "The Farm" In fact, I think Tim McGraw may have been in Marshallville that night he wrote "Down on the Farm" the first few lines describe our farm trips to a "T"
YEE HAW :) :)
Every friday night theres a steady cloud of dust That leads back to a field filled with pickup trucks Got old hank cranking way up loud Got coolers in the back Tailgates down Theres a big fire burnin but dont be alarmed Its just country boys and girls gettin down on the farm

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Chelle said...

Beautiful pictures!! I can see why you love it so much.