Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hallelujah the Angels cried and so do I this Easter season!

I do love Easter but I am not quite sure I have loooooooved Easter THIS much since I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Easter Bunny when I was a child. Even then I'm not sure it was as exciting as this!!

FOLKS, I MADE IT, 40 DAYS WITHOUT ONE SINGLE IOTA DROP OF COCA-COLA!!!! Not even Sprite or Mountain Dew or ANY TYPE of soft drink!!!!! For those that know me and for those that read my post "Addicted" below you must know I was fully addicted on the drink!!! It made things difficult, there are sooo many meals and snacks that are meant to be enjoyed with a tasty ice cold coca-cola. 1963 Coke's slogan was "things go better with Coke" They were right back in the day! However, I had to endure water and tea and other nonsense the past 40 days. 40 days may not seem like long, but let me tell you, its MUCH longer than you think!

The #1 question I keep getting over and over and over again is "Will you go back to drinking coke?" Folks, are you CRAZY???? I wanted one at 9am on Easter Sunday!!! But, I promised my side-kick who endured this venture with me, we'd wait until Easter lunch with the family. Now, to continue to answer the question, YES, I absolutely will continue to drink coca-cola! It's not great for me but it's not so bad in moderation either. I plan to drink less but give it up totally?? Are you nutso?? Everyone that has been in contact w/ me in the last 40 days knows I have been on this adventure, probably due to my constant pouting, mood swings, and the 10 min it takes me to order a drink at dinner b/c I don't know what else to drink besides coca-cola :). So I'd bet they would be willing to say "now now, let her have her coke." I would like to not drink it in the mornings as my 'caffeine' and strictly limit it to meals, that part I might can do. Thats the one thing this has taught me, I don't need it as much as I think I do. However, depriving me of it forever and ever amen is just not gonna happen, no two ways about it. How can I meet my goal of having a "Coke Room" in my house on my 40x40 list if I stopped drinking it altogether? Thats no fun! And no, I don't believe in Diet Coke, I would love to love it and have tried and tried but its just not going to be my 'thing.' :)

I also would like to give a 'shout out' and dedicate this post to the late Dr. John Pemberton, who brought the beloved into my life. A pharmacist from Atlanta, Ga (even better, its home grown!) he concocted the formula in his backyard in a three legged brass kettle in his backyard. Bless you Dr. Pemberton for all the smiles you've given and meltdowns you're prevented. One day when I pass the pearly gates, I hope to see you and say to you "Let's have a Coke and a smile" (Coke's slogan in 1979).

These days Life Taste Good (2001) and nothing quenches the thirst like The cold, crisp, taste of Coke (1958) and I plan to enjoy the Real Thing (1969)for a lot more years to come...


HappyascanB said...

Yay for you! Did y'all plan to match on Easter? Love your dress, bud!!!

Chelle said...

Way to go, friend! I wanted to give something up for Lent but never came up with I didn't. Lame, huh? Haha. I am proud of you, though!

Gage Family said...

congrats bud! love the way the two of you color coordinate also!! oh and HILARIOUS- there's a pic of W on the fridge behind you-where were you?!?! LOVE IT!