Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh my word! My new Best Friends!!!!

Okay, so I am now fully committed to posting more :) I figure I can post about anything so here goes :)
You must meet the new most important best friends of my life, they have changed my life, and while NONE have replaced the ultimate satisfaction of COCA-COLA, they are seriously up in the running of the 'greatest things on earth' :)

Here goes....My new Best Friend, this follows me wherever I am, is soooo dependable, she keeps me up-to-date on all the social upcoming not-to-miss events, she gets my importanto emails that are telling me such necessities as- Bloomy's (Bloomingdales's) is having their fantastic 'Spring Sale' as well as keeping me in the loop with my 125 'contacts' my other best friends. She sleeps beside me and alerts me of ANYTHING that might be going on. She even tells me in the morning what the weather is going to be like so I can dress not only cutesy but appropriately :) She tells me how much to tip at dinner, even where to go for dinner and assists me when lost in the car or in the grocery store looking for a recipe! She is my rock, my side-kick, she even wears PINK all the time. She just needs a name. This my blog friends is my tried and true best friend, there for me in all times no matter how I might treat is a picture of the devoted one~ the I-phone
.Again, she just needs a name!!! Suggestions?

My other new best friend, hasn't been around as BFF #1 above, BUT we were just introduced last week and I am now starting to want to hang out A LOT more. You just have that 'instant' connection, ya know? You really aren't expecting much then they give you so much more than you ever thought in just a short time! I am quite smitten with this new guy and I think we might have some weekly upcoming dates. I at least hope so. He's a bit high-maintenance, but hey, so am I. We have to stick together. He's just so darn cute and artistic and full of SURPRISES nad everyone knows I LOVE surprises!!! He's been around forever but I never thought we could be friends, because we didn't have that much in common. Now that my love for cooking has expanded the past few years and I LOVE entertaining and dinner parties this friend has already shown utmost devotion and assistance in ways I cannot begin to explain. Meet BFF #2, however, disregard the "Whole Foods" and replace w/ "Harry's" (minor detail~they're all owned by the same peeps!)

Lastly, this friend is just so pratical, we're still figuring out our 'connection' but thus far this one is great! She is DA BOMB and listen up folks, I HIGHLY suggest you get this if you don't already use it. (I may have been the last ot be introducted to her) I love to read fellow blogs and I know many of you do too. Instead of being a subscriber to everyone, or clicking on your favorite blogs EVERYDAY from your favorite list only to be disappointed b/c they haven't updated in ages (ooops) this best friend does it for me!!!!!! She is like my personal assistant in many ways and different ways than BFF #1! This friend is FREE and practical and requires NOTHING OF ME :)
She's seriously being taken for new BFF #3, Gmail Reader we've been BFF for about a month now I love her!!!!! This is how it works (pay attention blog readers) you simply go to and create an email account, you can use it or not, and then at the top you have a calendar and reader and a few other things (the calendar is neat btw) but on reader you click on it and add ALL the blogs you read. Each time you click on reader, it shows you how many 'unread' blogs you have (meaning who has updated their blogs since you last looked) and takes you right to it! I may have 10 one morning to read or just 1 or 2 depending on who has updated and when. But instead of going to each and every website, Google Girl does it for me!!!!! Gmail is where its at!

Who are your BFF's??


Abby said...

Love it. :-)

How about "Pokey" for the iPhone? :-)

Chelle said...

I have not ventured into the world of iphone, but I do positively love my iPod touch! I am also a HUGE fan of google reader... I've never heard of Harry's (might have to try that out!) but I love Fresh Market-- seems they might have something in common...

I am horrible at naming things, so I'm quite positive you do not want me to name your phone-- but please share if you come up with a good one! Hope you have a great week!

HappyascanB said...

Heeeey! I've missed you, blogginbud! Google Reader is def. one o my BFFs! And Dwight, the kick-yo-butt aerobics instructor at the gym is my new BFF. And Step Aerobics. LOVE it!!!

Kelly said...

I want to check your your IPhone! I keep wanting to buy one and then I resist. I have my small flipphone and I am going to keep it until it dies.