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Atop Mt Evans-HIGHEST PAVED ROAD IN US! Elevation 14,k ft!

I have gotten countless emails wanting a follow up to my Colorado Trip and did the "girly girl Princess" survive. I am here to live and tell it folks..... I made it :). If you missed my REI TRIP post below, you may want to read it before you start this journey......

July 29th we departed the ATL airport at a scorching 90 degree. I had been to Denver several times to snow ski and after being there once in summertime for a Young Life camp back in the day, I was thrilled to return to the mountains in summertime.

Well, you woulda thought it was snow weather because when we landed on JULY 29TH MIND YOU, we stepped off the plane to 55 degrees and COLD in Denver, not a pleasant 55, a COLD 55. I quickly panicked realizing my entire trip to REI might have just been a waste, but thrilled at the $$$ I could get back on my returns! We shuttled to the Rental Car place and picked up our Jeep Cherokee, that I was quite pleased with. We were then told it was the coldest day ON RECORD in Colorado for July....lovely. Thank goodness the jeans made the cut for the trip, and pondering in the Jeep on the way to lodging I couldn't help but think I could buy 2 more pair w/ those darn CHACO's I could return!

Our first day we explored Red Rocks, because after all, we were going to see a show there.....we visited in the morning and it was breathtaking. I could hardly wait to get back there for the show. Now, folks, along w/ my REI trip, you must realize the show I was going to was the jam-band Phish. I had a brief run with them back in high school, but it was short lived. I have been re-introduced to them, and they do seem to be playing the same things so I was content w/ going and thrilled that James got to see one of his favorites. RED ROCKS was A-MAZING. I DON'T CARE WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT YOU SEE THERE~ PUT IT ON YOUR BUCKET LIST!! I told James as we were driving off "God was just showing off right there." I'm telling you its incredible as you sit in AWE of your natural surroundings!

We visited lots of other neat towns..... BIG SHOUT OUT TO FORT COLLINS, what a neat town! I should've gone to college there! I probably wouldn't have gone to class though.......wait, I didn't do that anyway :) We rafted in Idaho Springs, James could not believe this was one of my favorite things to do. The chacos made their debut on the Clear Creek River. James thinks they are at the bottom of the river because he hasn't seen them on me since...hmmmm.....And to top it off, as I was putting on my wet suit one of the instructors said "Okay Miss Princess zip it all the way up" And note, I wasn't done yet! HOW did he know I was a princess?? I wanted to scream" DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I HAVE PREPARED FOR THIS TRIP SIR TO NOT BE A PRINCESS?!?" But he was nice and I just went about my and earrings and all....

We then took the drive up Mt. Evans. BUDS, THIS IS THE HIGHEST PAVED ROAD IN THE UNITED STATES. I was freaking out! I prayed more in those 14 miles than 30 years! The road is narrow, its a "white knuckle drive" but I am SO GLAD we did it! On the way up we stopped at 2 lakes, the first one we admired a super gorgeous mountain as high as the sky, little did we know we'd be atop that very soon. We then stopped at LAKE SUMMITT on the way up, BY FAR my most favorite "memory" of the trip. It was breathtaking. Strange animals, in desperate need of a pet spa visit were hanging out in the parking lot there and some men working in snow suits. In true girly girl fashion, after rafting I changed into a cute skirt, a fleece and my flip flops since it was 70 degrees. It was a bit chilly at LAKE SUMMITT, but I handled it quite well and we made the rest of the truck up the mountain. It really was to the point of "how much further can we go" the road drops off here and there and bless James' heart I must have said "watch the road and be careful" 1000 times, when again, bless his heart.... his hands or eyes never left their duties.

We get to the top and HELLO!?? IT IS 37 DEGREES! A BRISK 37!!! People were in snow suits, I failed to get that memo! I was just waiting for someone to mention my skirt and flip flops with SNOW on the ground! yes, snow. We stayed long enough to take good pictures and I was back in the Jeep. Mt Evans was by far a big highlight of the trip and we are SO GLAD we did it. I have never in my life seen views like that ALL the way up, better than an airplane. Every turn we made in that 14 mile stretch had us saying "wow" and "awesome" and "incredible" and me "watch the road and be careful" :)

We also visited Golden, CO on our visit and many other little towns, we had a BLAST. SO much history there! We were hoping to go to some of the other shows at Red Rocks (there were 4 and we had tixs to 1) but some of those Phish Phans may "appear" to be homeless, but they got some MOOLA folks.....they were selling tickets $300-400. Needless to say we drove by our last night there, pulled over and could hear some blaring from the natural acoustics of "the rocks." And in all fairness, Phisheads have come a long way since my run with the band back in 1996-97, there were limos like crazy and everyone's "grown up" I think the town of Morrison, LOVED it! Way to fuel a hard economy!

Anyhow, here are some pics.....the memories are priceless, the jokes are endless, the hiking was breathtaking, the rafting was adventurous, and the chacos........are um...........MIA.

Doesn't this look like a postcard? One of the many stops on the way down from Mt Evans

Lake Summitt, only about 1/2 way
up Mt Evans


One of the views from atop Mt Evans

The animals on the way up Mt Evans (at Lake Summitt) in great need of a day at the Pet Spa....

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Will and Alycia said...

Those pictures are breathtaking! I am so glad that you enjoyed your trip. Will and I have definitely added a trip to Red Rocks to our list of things to do!