Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's not easy bein' tall

Okay buds, brace yourselves, I have some sad news today. I have had the hardest time lately, I have had a huge fear that has been consuming me and thus, it is time to confess. Here goes..... (and, I have it all figured out)...I am going to die young because of one simple thing~.......because I am tall.(major sigh). Something I can't control. Terrible. I finally had the guts to prepare Jimmy for this, over a delicious "date night" dinner last weekend and now, I am publically telling you all.(I know, I can feel your devastation through the computer screen.)
This fear goes back to a few months ago, when I started noticing these cute "lol's" (little ol' ladies, not laugh out loud) having lunch together,sipping on their tea, talking about their grandkids and the weather. I saw group, after group, l.o.l after l.o.l, and low and behold, A-L-L of these ladies were short! They're spunky, and cute and even the ones in their 90's were adorable. They may be a little slow on the feet and maybe in their mind, but overall they are pretty darn "with it" I would go to this lunch establishment and know the ladies would be there and week after week, wait for the "tall one" to show up. (You know, there is one of us in every group.) And yet week after week,she's still not showing. Hmmm... I notice a trend, I see this at church, at luncheons, out shopping and event after event, there is never a one in the bunch over 5'5"! What the heck?!? So I then decided, their sweet "tall friends" had already 'gone home' and not to their cute little bungalow off the square where they have lived for 50+yrs, but ya know... "home, home."
I focus on this and realize how awful it is being tall. Even the tallest Golden Girl is gone! I don't want to hear another bud tell me they have to have something "hemmed." If they mention it, I will enlighten them, with a tear in my eye and in the most pitiful way, say that they get to wear their pants longer because they are short. If they can't see in a crowd, they will be in more crowds than us, because they will have more events to go to (tear).

So, back to telling Jimmy. I finally braced myself to tell him this (again, over a great date night meal) Now, mind you, Jimmy never knows what is about to come out of my mouth or mind, but bless him, he handles it usually well. I wanted to break down in tears right then.(dramatic,okay, not really) But I did try my best to prepare him for what is to come. Even though I feared he would be irritated I didn't make my discovery until AFTER he proposed. Soooo here this "telling" time, I sit up straight in my chair, have a long sip of wine, take some deep breaths before I begin to tell him "the something I have to tell him." He pauses. He is intrigued. He knows this is serious business. He places his fork down, I then proceed to tell him the latest.. I'm expecting him to be as upset as I have become, and I thought he did. He almost spit out his 'beloved' seared tuna. I thought "oh my gosh, this is going to hit him so hard he can't even stand to eat." He continued to patiently listen to my rant and my "research" and was left... speechless. He did not seem to take the matter-at-hand seriously. He then tried to tell me, that I will in fact..... shrink. Is he serious?!? I tell him, I highly doubt I am going to shrink the 4-5 inches needed be in the "little old ladies club." He goes on and brings his precious, 5'1, sweet 86 year old grandmother, "Beek" into it. He says she was once 6'5" and a center for the Marietta High School basketball team. "Oh really" I say, with the most sarcastic voice I can manage to muster up. I see now, he is not a bit worried he is going to be burying me early! Why he'll will have "pick of the litter" with all the cute,short friends I have! With the model world, wanting ladies 5'8'' or taller, I don't have to worry they'll be professional models, because Tyra, Heidi, Giselle will be with the ground!
I am devastated just having to tell him about my revelation, and low and behold, he seems to think I am "jumping the gun" since we haven't even had children yet and do not need to be worrying about my admittance into the "little ol' ladies society!" (mind you..sorority>junior league>l.o.l. club)So not only do I have I had to buy search and buy pants in a "long" my entire life, now but I have to face the reality that my days are limited. (sigh). I simply, will have to start my own chapter of the 5'6" and taller Red Hat Society club. Come to think of it I should probably start it in the next few years so we ladies can maximize our time together.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Table for Two...

First, let me start this post with this. It may appear in these posts, that the wedding was a big "to do" it was far from it. It was 46 immediate family members, a simple sit down lunch and no planning. I went to ONE dress store, we went to ONE reception site and that was it. Nothing else was needed besides my bouquet (florist next door to the church), no flowers for the church, or anything.It was simplicity at its best! I felt I needed to say that since the posts may appear different. I wasn't even going to blog about the wedding day or dinner, because it wasn't anything huge, I didn't think anyone would be dying to hear about it. However, my friends have encouraged me to share, since they didn't get to take part and turns out, some were shocked I would have a party for two :). It was the easiest thing ever :), besides eloping. Not a single decision to be made :)
Sooo, the night before the big day..........
With having just me and Jimmy in the wedding we had no need for a rehearsal. We decided though, that we would like a rehearsal dinner. Just for two. I gave Jimmy his wedding gift and he gave me mine before we went to our dinner. The entire day and night was so sweet and again, simple. (If you know me, simple is what I usually am far from!) I had my brother-in-law, Matt make him his every own table for his beloved "big green egg" smoker. Jimmy LOVED it and loved that Matt had made it! It rocked! Davis helped give it to him.
Jimmy so sweetly, spoke my love language once again....Louis Vuitton..... and gave me a Louis Vuitton clutch, which I gladly "donned" the night of our rehearsal dinner. We dined at HAL'S in Buckhead. Best. steak. I. have. ever. had . How had we missed this place earlier? We loved that we were there and not a soul in there knew what we were celebrating, it was just he & I. Not a single ounce of stress, we were just so excited. We had a romantic dinner for two and it was beautiful and low key. It was a great, memorable night. We toasted to each other the night before our wedding. I could not recommend this enough :) I love rehersal dinners as much as the next bride, love to give toasts, hear the family stories, see the precious pictures.
Somehow, this one was just extra special and perfect for us.......

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Luncheon

After we walked out of the church as husband and wife, we walked right back in for pictures with everyone in attendance, this was not hard as it was only 46 people including ourselves, and that was ALL family so we knocked out a lot of family pictures really quickly :)

Along with the below wedding post, in wanting a simple family wedding, we also opted for a simple reception. We wanted an elegant and nice lunch for our family to enjoy to sit down, be able to talk and enjoy. As much as I love to dance ;), we even opted for no dancing, just our favorite tunes in the background. We chose a sit down lunch at 103 West in Buckhead. It was beyond perfect. They were wonderful to work with. It was just amazing, simple, no-fuss, but very nice. Everyone arrived and we visited in the foyer until one of the waiters did a hand chime bell through our crowd and opened the doors to the beautiful dining area. The tables were gorgeous and were all named places we had been (Red Rocks, CO, Ireland, DC, Jekyll Island, etc) each table also had a picture of us at the name of the table. We wanted it to be personable. Namecards were made by sister and color coordinated the lunch choice for each guest. We dined on filet, chicken and salmon and it was DELICIOUS! I must say we loved the cake too. It was huge, gorgeous and exactly perfect. It was all just so darn easy, almost one stop shopping. I wanted to do something for Jimmy for the reception, so I surprised him with his 3 favorite things. Cheerwine (in bottles, straight from NC) Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Chick-fil-a brownies, all his favorites. Guests had lots of sweets to choose from, but also had "to go" boxes to take home. We dined and laughed and had a true family lunch. We didn't make a grand exit, it was literally like we all got together for lunch, which we loved. Jimmy and I were the last to leave with our parents, and departed at 3pm to head straight to the St Regis, and that is a post in itself....
Here are a few pics from the luncheon.

We truly wanted a day to be families united, giving glory to our heavenly father for bringing us together and as carefree as possible. I am so glad we were able to accomplish that!

Rehersal Dinner post next-----a rehersal dinner for two.... (yes, just two!) I highly recommend it :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm baaacck!/Wedding

After being hounded recently for not updating my blog, I took a vow to promise to update it the next few weeks and get back in the routine! I am ashamed, I must say that I have not taken the time to update since our engagement. I'll start with an apology, I'm sorry. I'll do better, promise for real. Next, I'll say thanks. Thank you friends, for wanting to read what I have to say (or not have to say) I actually have LOTS to share, so my solemn vow is I will update you all on the past 5 months-yikes, that looks terrible. I read my google reader everyday and I am seriously the worst. blogger. ever. But again, here goes. I'll blog on the past 5 months, LOTS happened and I am blessed beyond measure. Here goes...bless you for bearing with me!

July 10, 2010
Lots happened between April and July but I'll start with the "big day" and work backwards, then forwards and have you all sorts of confused :)

Jimmy and I knew we didn't want a long engagment or a big wedding. I even, believe it or not, tried to get him to elope on several occasions but he knew best :). We planned a simple, intimate wedding with immediate family only and us. We knew with having a service we wanted it to be reverant and worship style. We didn't want to just walk in and say "I DO" and go on. We give God the full glory for bringing us together, and preparing our hearts for each other. One day I'll tell our story......but for now... we are getting married, stay with me....

We quickly planned our wedding in 3 short months, I even answered a few "no's" on the "omg, are you pregnant?!?" question (yes, it was asked a few times...girls need to read my fave... Emily Post) but we wanted nothing more than to start our lives in simplicty and before God and had no reason to wait!

My uncle Brian married us in the same church both our parents were married in, and where I grew up. The altar we stood at, was the same that stood in front of me during numerous kids choir rendetions, Vacation Bible School, youth group and so on. Very special and dear place to both of us. Our parents have been married a total of 68 years together, we wanted nothing more than to share that commitment in the same place, they made their vows years ago. We chose not to have any attendants, not even siblings, we truly wanted our vows before God to be us and us alone. (and truth be told, I know a thing or two about bridesmaid dresses and I didn't think Shannon, Courtney or Lindsey cared for another one either;) ). We decided on July 10, 2010 we would commit ourselves to one another, and so we did just that.

At 11am at Marietta First Baptist church on the Marietta Square, the piano was playing gorgeously hymn after hymn and thereaftter, a sweet friend, Katie sang beatufiully "Be Thou Near to Me" by Selah. No "marching of the Mom's" everyone simply walked in and took a reverant seat right before this. After "Be Thou", my brother played the acoustic guitar and he Katie sang "To You be the Glory" by Kari Jobe and Matt Maher. It was the.most.beautiful. song. ever. It's hard to find, but it was exactly what we wanted echoed throughout the 1800's chapel. Jimmy walked in with my uncle Brian as they started to sing, and after they were in, I walked down the aisle, alone..... right at the time the chorus began of "To You be the Glory." I cried the. entire. way. down. I didn't think I would, but the simplicity of such a goregous song on the guitar accompanied by two beautiful voices and seeing Jimmy, overwhelmed me. Walking down the aisle alone, I gave myself to Jimmy, nobody giving me away, me giving myself to him. He wonderfully met me about 1/2 way down the aisle and arm and arm we approached the altar of God. We said our vows, which were perfect, not traditional, but had our own scripture we had chosen on our engagement day among many other things. We then had our parents and siblings approach the altar and place hands on each one of us as my Uncle Brian would speak blessings on both of us. Blessings to hear each other's needs, to be the the wife of the good and bad and to be the husband of the good and bad. For us to have enough tears to keep us tender and the love of Jesus Christ as the center of our marriage. I. loved. this. part. Our families together, us before God, and being blessed by the hands that raised us. As our parents and siblings walked back to their seats, Katie so beautifully sang "How Great Is Our God" (mind you, I'm a "music person" and we hand picked all of our songs to reflect our love and God's amazing love to us-more time consuming than picking my dress :) this was hugely important to us!) After her goregous song, we were named man and wife and exited the same church that both our parents exited 30+ years ago hand in hand as husband and wife..... my sister said it best that morning when she said "Heading to the chapel this morning, with the truth of God's unfailing love resounding in my heart.... "The Lord God is in your midst, a might one who will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness; He will quiet you by His love; He will exalt you over loud singing." Zephaniah 3:17.

Tomorrow, I'll share the Reception and then backtrack to the Rehersal Dinner.....stay tuned because it will be the most unconventional rehersal dinner you've heard of!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A truly magical day

This past weekend, James surprised me with a trip to Barnsley Gardens on Sunday evening. We were lucky enough to attend The Masters Friday in Augusta, which was incredible weather, awesome golf and a WONDERFUL day, then we went to the David Gray concert Saturday night and so I couldn't imagine anymore fun for the weekend :). But Jimmy told me to be ready by lunch and he'd pick me up and for me to bring a dress, that was it. I didn't think much because the 2 of us go on random trips ALL the time. We took backroads to Barnsley so I had no idea where we'd end up. Upon arrival I told him I had just mentioned us taking a day trip there b/c some of our friends had and he and I had never been. So, that played perfectly into his plan, I just thought he heard me and listened. :)

He had a golf cart when we arrived and the weather was perfect. We took a trip around the gardens and in the most picture perfect & secluded spot, on a bridge overlooking a pond with purple wisteria draping along the trees, he then began the sweetest proposal a girl could imagine. As he dropped to his knee, I eventually collapsed to mine and we hugged and cried for so long, I never even noticed the ring on my finger (I'm so not joking). I was more thrilled at a life together as a married couple than anything. The rest was unimportant, but I must say about 10 minutes later when we had a seat in the gardens, I coudln't believe the beautiful diamond he had given me and picked out. I was still in shock. We only called our parents and siblings, nobody else. I wanted the day to be about us and it truly was. We talked and he told me the story of getting the ring, the trip he planned and that he had talked to one of my Doctors and I was not due in work Monday :). We then had an amazing drive around the ruins and gardens in our golf cart and at this time, he says he has another gift for me. I'm speechless, how much can a girl get? We arrive back in front of Barnsley's chapel and he gives me a new bible. This bible has my to-be name on it and had a very sweet inscription on the inside and dated April 11, 2010, our "engagement day" I told him this meant more than the ring. I think I almost cried all day :)

After exploring the grounds we caught the end of The Masters and got dressed up for an incredible dinner at Barnsley. Our table was on the veranda, overlooking the lake. Could not have been better, it was amazing and the food was incredible.

Barnsley is known for their great gardens but also spots to sit and relax. They have chairs in the neatest places. After dinner, we then took our cart back around the grounds and ended up in a "bamboo circle" totally private with 2 chairs, a truly neat place. We had wine there and talked with David Gray music in the background, all outside on a gorgeous spring evening! He then suggested we see the ruins at night, they have low lighting on the ruins at night, so we entered and low and behold their was a private fireplace there with 2 chairs and a table and a fire going. We enjoyed the rest of our wine there and some Chris Botti. Again, the entire resort was practically ours. The ruins were amazing at night, almost moreso than the day. It was a magical day. Every.single. second. We talked about our future and how lucky we both were and how we prayed for Godly spouses. I never knew someone so wonderful existed, that would be such a match for me. In fact, I just didn't think something so "perfect" could be out there. But God has graciously given us each other and just as Jimmy said last night, that "God has been with us since day one and hasn't stopped, because the day was beyond perfect in everyway. " And that keeping God first, as he wrote in my new bible, was the most important thing, and we've made a strong vow to commit to that fully. Our prayer as we enter this journey is marked in our new family bible. Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another. Honor one another above yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in afflicition, faithful in prayer.

Romans 12:9-12

We know this is news to many, since the phone has been minimal but we wanted to share our truly magical and blessed day.

Monday, February 15, 2010

There she is...........

YES, THREE posts in one day! Catching up! :) Thanks readers!

On January 30th, 2009, I had a houseful of ladies and threw one of my "silly parties" again. Those that know me, know I LOVE to throw parties. I will attempt to make a party out of anything. :) I love getting together and love my buds! This time was no exception. We laughed til we cried (like we always do) and we had a ball. The neat part of this party was our theme and reason behind it. I had a "Miss America Party" because we girls were all lucky to take a trip to NYC for our 30th bdays (see post Seven Belles in the City~ December 2008 for that story). And while there, we made plans to hang out with one of the girls friends, Alyse Zwick. She had attended Pebblebrook High School here in Marietta and she was a FABULOUS host in NYC. We had an absolute blast with her. When we were there she was Miss Long Island and gearing up for the Miss NY pageant, which she wont the title.!Right then, we knew we had to host a party in her honor! We had the date marked and saved for months. We were so excited and Alyse knew we were toasting in her honor! The day before we found out that she won the swimsuit competition in the pre-lims. We were sure that would secure her a spot in the Top 15, unfortunately it didn't but we were still SO PROUD and so excited to see her there! She looked gorgeous and it was nice to know she is just as beautiful on the inside!

We had a talent contest which Staci clearly won with the pageant cake she made (seriously she made it!!) We had tiaras for all to don, prizes for best dressed which included all "pageant staples" and had the dinner catered by Mellow Mushroom pizza because thats what the contestants eat back stage-PIZZA! We dressed in our evening's best and Miss Pauldin' County even made an appearance :). Fun times had by all and a big Congrats ALYSE! You were stunning and made the Georgia Peaches proud!

Jennifer, James and Jerry

So TV wasn't always "my thing" and its certainly not now. I rarely get addicted or 'into" any shows. I am a Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters fan and some wonderful, um, lets say "educational" shows on MTV :) but other than that, I am not loyal. I was one of the few in college that didn't care about the Friends finale, because I had never had time to really watch it. I don't have anything against TV but I'm not usually in front of it. However, Jimmy (aka James) is a huge movie buff and enjoys TV a fair amount. He has convinced me that I have been missing out on life's greatest pleasures, and that somehow my life would be more complete had I watched the entire 9 year season of......... Seinfield. I think he thinks Jerry Seinfield is the king of TV. He absolutely loves the show. Of course its all re-runs now and he swears he has seen every.single.episode. He owns all nine seasons. So in New Years Resolution time he suggested I get caught up on this huge part of my life that I was lacking and that we watch the entire run. He created a spreadsheet (yes, I know) and figured we'd need to watch 3.5 episodes a week to get them all in. One perk is there are no commercials on these dvds he has. (Thank goodness). So, we began......I don't think I laughed season one and I'm not sure there was more than a chuckle in season 2. I just don't get it. My aunt says everything in a persons life there is Seinfield about, um not so sure. It also doesn't help that I am constantly critiquing their clothing choices and wondering HOW on earth this was a hit dressed like that. Then I'm reminded I was in 5th grade when the show even began, and lets just say its been a while since 5th grade. Jimmy keeps saying "it gets better" but I'm not convinced yet. So much that if there is nothing on TV, I'd much rather go to sleep than watch Seinfield. Maybe my tune will change in seasons 3-9......I think he should have to watch all six seasons of SATC! Talk about an education :)
Stay tuned......

It's Over...

my long-time relationship is over. We tried to break up a few times over the past 10+yrs but it never lasted, I always went back. I was too dependent. I couldn't function at work or social events without them. I felt ugly without them, but I have finally said goodbye to my dear love, my solar/acrylic/fake nails. I didn't think I could manage but I'm on week two!! I think the reason I hated the relationship is the time it took. Who wants a draining, needy relationship? My nail cat always thought I was funny asking if I could "drop my hands off and pick them up in 40 minutes?" I just hated the time there, it wasn't terrible per se or painful but it was in one word....B-O-R-I-N-G. Too high maintenance. Since I hated these "dates" so much, I would put them off making the relationships more brittle, ugly and destructive. A set of 10 would be a set of 8 by the time I rolled into my date at Nail Trend. Not to mention the cost of these suckers. So, I finally decided I would once again try to end this relationship. Not go back this time. Not gonna do it. I went in and had a manicure, best $10 I have ever spent. Why didn't people tell me those were much more fun, soothing and QUICK than the fill-in dates I was having?? Seriously, it was like being wined and dined. It was wonderful. I was in heaven and knew I could manage this. Plus it allowed some "color" in this bland, 10 yr old, dried up relationship. (I was having to get pink/white (aka 'american') because I could go that much longer without it being as noticeable if I had the color. )But, those that know me, know I'm too bold for american ALL the time. So it was only fitting that my OPI color choice this time be "An Affair to Remember" I was totally cheating on the white and pink powder, the dremel and the gosh awful tips. As all new relationships begin, this one is no different. I'm taking time to learn and adjust and I think in two weeks I have painted my nails at least four times, this chipping business must stop. I hear there is a counselor out there named Sally Hansen that assists in these type of relationship and recommends Hard As Nails, I'll give it a shot. I sure can't keep going back all the time, even if it is $10. I think this might work, its a budding start and I'm learning to really enjoy the lack of neediness, dependency, the fear of hurting them, as long as they keep their end and don't start chipping away at me, remain strong and true, and don't nail me down to anything, I'm in :).