Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Over...

my long-time relationship is over. We tried to break up a few times over the past 10+yrs but it never lasted, I always went back. I was too dependent. I couldn't function at work or social events without them. I felt ugly without them, but I have finally said goodbye to my dear love, my solar/acrylic/fake nails. I didn't think I could manage but I'm on week two!! I think the reason I hated the relationship is the time it took. Who wants a draining, needy relationship? My nail cat always thought I was funny asking if I could "drop my hands off and pick them up in 40 minutes?" I just hated the time there, it wasn't terrible per se or painful but it was in one word....B-O-R-I-N-G. Too high maintenance. Since I hated these "dates" so much, I would put them off making the relationships more brittle, ugly and destructive. A set of 10 would be a set of 8 by the time I rolled into my date at Nail Trend. Not to mention the cost of these suckers. So, I finally decided I would once again try to end this relationship. Not go back this time. Not gonna do it. I went in and had a manicure, best $10 I have ever spent. Why didn't people tell me those were much more fun, soothing and QUICK than the fill-in dates I was having?? Seriously, it was like being wined and dined. It was wonderful. I was in heaven and knew I could manage this. Plus it allowed some "color" in this bland, 10 yr old, dried up relationship. (I was having to get pink/white (aka 'american') because I could go that much longer without it being as noticeable if I had the color. )But, those that know me, know I'm too bold for american ALL the time. So it was only fitting that my OPI color choice this time be "An Affair to Remember" I was totally cheating on the white and pink powder, the dremel and the gosh awful tips. As all new relationships begin, this one is no different. I'm taking time to learn and adjust and I think in two weeks I have painted my nails at least four times, this chipping business must stop. I hear there is a counselor out there named Sally Hansen that assists in these type of relationship and recommends Hard As Nails, I'll give it a shot. I sure can't keep going back all the time, even if it is $10. I think this might work, its a budding start and I'm learning to really enjoy the lack of neediness, dependency, the fear of hurting them, as long as they keep their end and don't start chipping away at me, remain strong and true, and don't nail me down to anything, I'm in :).

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Erin said...

you are my funniest friend! I loved this post! ha ha ha!