Monday, February 15, 2010

Jennifer, James and Jerry

So TV wasn't always "my thing" and its certainly not now. I rarely get addicted or 'into" any shows. I am a Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters fan and some wonderful, um, lets say "educational" shows on MTV :) but other than that, I am not loyal. I was one of the few in college that didn't care about the Friends finale, because I had never had time to really watch it. I don't have anything against TV but I'm not usually in front of it. However, Jimmy (aka James) is a huge movie buff and enjoys TV a fair amount. He has convinced me that I have been missing out on life's greatest pleasures, and that somehow my life would be more complete had I watched the entire 9 year season of......... Seinfield. I think he thinks Jerry Seinfield is the king of TV. He absolutely loves the show. Of course its all re-runs now and he swears he has seen every.single.episode. He owns all nine seasons. So in New Years Resolution time he suggested I get caught up on this huge part of my life that I was lacking and that we watch the entire run. He created a spreadsheet (yes, I know) and figured we'd need to watch 3.5 episodes a week to get them all in. One perk is there are no commercials on these dvds he has. (Thank goodness). So, we began......I don't think I laughed season one and I'm not sure there was more than a chuckle in season 2. I just don't get it. My aunt says everything in a persons life there is Seinfield about, um not so sure. It also doesn't help that I am constantly critiquing their clothing choices and wondering HOW on earth this was a hit dressed like that. Then I'm reminded I was in 5th grade when the show even began, and lets just say its been a while since 5th grade. Jimmy keeps saying "it gets better" but I'm not convinced yet. So much that if there is nothing on TV, I'd much rather go to sleep than watch Seinfield. Maybe my tune will change in seasons 3-9......I think he should have to watch all six seasons of SATC! Talk about an education :)
Stay tuned......

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Will and Alycia said...

Bud...James and Will share a passion for Jerry and all the seasons of Seinfeld. We watch it every night..well actually Will waits because it is on during K&W dinner and then we rewind so we can skip the commercials. It is funny and you will start to laugh..later! I definitely think he needs to watch SATC with you!!