Monday, February 15, 2010

There she is...........

YES, THREE posts in one day! Catching up! :) Thanks readers!

On January 30th, 2009, I had a houseful of ladies and threw one of my "silly parties" again. Those that know me, know I LOVE to throw parties. I will attempt to make a party out of anything. :) I love getting together and love my buds! This time was no exception. We laughed til we cried (like we always do) and we had a ball. The neat part of this party was our theme and reason behind it. I had a "Miss America Party" because we girls were all lucky to take a trip to NYC for our 30th bdays (see post Seven Belles in the City~ December 2008 for that story). And while there, we made plans to hang out with one of the girls friends, Alyse Zwick. She had attended Pebblebrook High School here in Marietta and she was a FABULOUS host in NYC. We had an absolute blast with her. When we were there she was Miss Long Island and gearing up for the Miss NY pageant, which she wont the title.!Right then, we knew we had to host a party in her honor! We had the date marked and saved for months. We were so excited and Alyse knew we were toasting in her honor! The day before we found out that she won the swimsuit competition in the pre-lims. We were sure that would secure her a spot in the Top 15, unfortunately it didn't but we were still SO PROUD and so excited to see her there! She looked gorgeous and it was nice to know she is just as beautiful on the inside!

We had a talent contest which Staci clearly won with the pageant cake she made (seriously she made it!!) We had tiaras for all to don, prizes for best dressed which included all "pageant staples" and had the dinner catered by Mellow Mushroom pizza because thats what the contestants eat back stage-PIZZA! We dressed in our evening's best and Miss Pauldin' County even made an appearance :). Fun times had by all and a big Congrats ALYSE! You were stunning and made the Georgia Peaches proud!

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