Monday, April 12, 2010

A truly magical day

This past weekend, James surprised me with a trip to Barnsley Gardens on Sunday evening. We were lucky enough to attend The Masters Friday in Augusta, which was incredible weather, awesome golf and a WONDERFUL day, then we went to the David Gray concert Saturday night and so I couldn't imagine anymore fun for the weekend :). But Jimmy told me to be ready by lunch and he'd pick me up and for me to bring a dress, that was it. I didn't think much because the 2 of us go on random trips ALL the time. We took backroads to Barnsley so I had no idea where we'd end up. Upon arrival I told him I had just mentioned us taking a day trip there b/c some of our friends had and he and I had never been. So, that played perfectly into his plan, I just thought he heard me and listened. :)

He had a golf cart when we arrived and the weather was perfect. We took a trip around the gardens and in the most picture perfect & secluded spot, on a bridge overlooking a pond with purple wisteria draping along the trees, he then began the sweetest proposal a girl could imagine. As he dropped to his knee, I eventually collapsed to mine and we hugged and cried for so long, I never even noticed the ring on my finger (I'm so not joking). I was more thrilled at a life together as a married couple than anything. The rest was unimportant, but I must say about 10 minutes later when we had a seat in the gardens, I coudln't believe the beautiful diamond he had given me and picked out. I was still in shock. We only called our parents and siblings, nobody else. I wanted the day to be about us and it truly was. We talked and he told me the story of getting the ring, the trip he planned and that he had talked to one of my Doctors and I was not due in work Monday :). We then had an amazing drive around the ruins and gardens in our golf cart and at this time, he says he has another gift for me. I'm speechless, how much can a girl get? We arrive back in front of Barnsley's chapel and he gives me a new bible. This bible has my to-be name on it and had a very sweet inscription on the inside and dated April 11, 2010, our "engagement day" I told him this meant more than the ring. I think I almost cried all day :)

After exploring the grounds we caught the end of The Masters and got dressed up for an incredible dinner at Barnsley. Our table was on the veranda, overlooking the lake. Could not have been better, it was amazing and the food was incredible.

Barnsley is known for their great gardens but also spots to sit and relax. They have chairs in the neatest places. After dinner, we then took our cart back around the grounds and ended up in a "bamboo circle" totally private with 2 chairs, a truly neat place. We had wine there and talked with David Gray music in the background, all outside on a gorgeous spring evening! He then suggested we see the ruins at night, they have low lighting on the ruins at night, so we entered and low and behold their was a private fireplace there with 2 chairs and a table and a fire going. We enjoyed the rest of our wine there and some Chris Botti. Again, the entire resort was practically ours. The ruins were amazing at night, almost moreso than the day. It was a magical day. Every.single. second. We talked about our future and how lucky we both were and how we prayed for Godly spouses. I never knew someone so wonderful existed, that would be such a match for me. In fact, I just didn't think something so "perfect" could be out there. But God has graciously given us each other and just as Jimmy said last night, that "God has been with us since day one and hasn't stopped, because the day was beyond perfect in everyway. " And that keeping God first, as he wrote in my new bible, was the most important thing, and we've made a strong vow to commit to that fully. Our prayer as we enter this journey is marked in our new family bible. Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another. Honor one another above yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in afflicition, faithful in prayer.

Romans 12:9-12

We know this is news to many, since the phone has been minimal but we wanted to share our truly magical and blessed day.