Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm baaacck!/Wedding

After being hounded recently for not updating my blog, I took a vow to promise to update it the next few weeks and get back in the routine! I am ashamed, I must say that I have not taken the time to update since our engagement. I'll start with an apology, I'm sorry. I'll do better, promise for real. Next, I'll say thanks. Thank you friends, for wanting to read what I have to say (or not have to say) I actually have LOTS to share, so my solemn vow is I will update you all on the past 5 months-yikes, that looks terrible. I read my google reader everyday and I am seriously the worst. blogger. ever. But again, here goes. I'll blog on the past 5 months, LOTS happened and I am blessed beyond measure. Here goes...bless you for bearing with me!

July 10, 2010
Lots happened between April and July but I'll start with the "big day" and work backwards, then forwards and have you all sorts of confused :)

Jimmy and I knew we didn't want a long engagment or a big wedding. I even, believe it or not, tried to get him to elope on several occasions but he knew best :). We planned a simple, intimate wedding with immediate family only and us. We knew with having a service we wanted it to be reverant and worship style. We didn't want to just walk in and say "I DO" and go on. We give God the full glory for bringing us together, and preparing our hearts for each other. One day I'll tell our story......but for now... we are getting married, stay with me....

We quickly planned our wedding in 3 short months, I even answered a few "no's" on the "omg, are you pregnant?!?" question (yes, it was asked a few times...girls need to read my fave... Emily Post) but we wanted nothing more than to start our lives in simplicty and before God and had no reason to wait!

My uncle Brian married us in the same church both our parents were married in, and where I grew up. The altar we stood at, was the same that stood in front of me during numerous kids choir rendetions, Vacation Bible School, youth group and so on. Very special and dear place to both of us. Our parents have been married a total of 68 years together, we wanted nothing more than to share that commitment in the same place, they made their vows years ago. We chose not to have any attendants, not even siblings, we truly wanted our vows before God to be us and us alone. (and truth be told, I know a thing or two about bridesmaid dresses and I didn't think Shannon, Courtney or Lindsey cared for another one either;) ). We decided on July 10, 2010 we would commit ourselves to one another, and so we did just that.

At 11am at Marietta First Baptist church on the Marietta Square, the piano was playing gorgeously hymn after hymn and thereaftter, a sweet friend, Katie sang beatufiully "Be Thou Near to Me" by Selah. No "marching of the Mom's" everyone simply walked in and took a reverant seat right before this. After "Be Thou", my brother played the acoustic guitar and he Katie sang "To You be the Glory" by Kari Jobe and Matt Maher. It was the.most.beautiful. song. ever. It's hard to find, but it was exactly what we wanted echoed throughout the 1800's chapel. Jimmy walked in with my uncle Brian as they started to sing, and after they were in, I walked down the aisle, alone..... right at the time the chorus began of "To You be the Glory." I cried the. entire. way. down. I didn't think I would, but the simplicity of such a goregous song on the guitar accompanied by two beautiful voices and seeing Jimmy, overwhelmed me. Walking down the aisle alone, I gave myself to Jimmy, nobody giving me away, me giving myself to him. He wonderfully met me about 1/2 way down the aisle and arm and arm we approached the altar of God. We said our vows, which were perfect, not traditional, but had our own scripture we had chosen on our engagement day among many other things. We then had our parents and siblings approach the altar and place hands on each one of us as my Uncle Brian would speak blessings on both of us. Blessings to hear each other's needs, to be the the wife of the good and bad and to be the husband of the good and bad. For us to have enough tears to keep us tender and the love of Jesus Christ as the center of our marriage. I. loved. this. part. Our families together, us before God, and being blessed by the hands that raised us. As our parents and siblings walked back to their seats, Katie so beautifully sang "How Great Is Our God" (mind you, I'm a "music person" and we hand picked all of our songs to reflect our love and God's amazing love to us-more time consuming than picking my dress :) this was hugely important to us!) After her goregous song, we were named man and wife and exited the same church that both our parents exited 30+ years ago hand in hand as husband and wife..... my sister said it best that morning when she said "Heading to the chapel this morning, with the truth of God's unfailing love resounding in my heart.... "The Lord God is in your midst, a might one who will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness; He will quiet you by His love; He will exalt you over loud singing." Zephaniah 3:17.

Tomorrow, I'll share the Reception and then backtrack to the Rehersal Dinner.....stay tuned because it will be the most unconventional rehersal dinner you've heard of!


HappyascanB said...

Soooooo glad to hear about the wedding! It sounds like it was just perfect! How romantic that both of your parents married in that same church 30+ years ago!

Love it! And Love you! so happy for you!

Mrs. Werginz said...

I am super proud of you updating!! I just became a follower officially...haha! See you tonight!!

Marlo said...

Yay! I am so glad you updated :). I am so happy that you and Jimmy have found each other! Love you