Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Luncheon

After we walked out of the church as husband and wife, we walked right back in for pictures with everyone in attendance, this was not hard as it was only 46 people including ourselves, and that was ALL family so we knocked out a lot of family pictures really quickly :)

Along with the below wedding post, in wanting a simple family wedding, we also opted for a simple reception. We wanted an elegant and nice lunch for our family to enjoy to sit down, be able to talk and enjoy. As much as I love to dance ;), we even opted for no dancing, just our favorite tunes in the background. We chose a sit down lunch at 103 West in Buckhead. It was beyond perfect. They were wonderful to work with. It was just amazing, simple, no-fuss, but very nice. Everyone arrived and we visited in the foyer until one of the waiters did a hand chime bell through our crowd and opened the doors to the beautiful dining area. The tables were gorgeous and were all named places we had been (Red Rocks, CO, Ireland, DC, Jekyll Island, etc) each table also had a picture of us at the name of the table. We wanted it to be personable. Namecards were made by sister and color coordinated the lunch choice for each guest. We dined on filet, chicken and salmon and it was DELICIOUS! I must say we loved the cake too. It was huge, gorgeous and exactly perfect. It was all just so darn easy, almost one stop shopping. I wanted to do something for Jimmy for the reception, so I surprised him with his 3 favorite things. Cheerwine (in bottles, straight from NC) Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Chick-fil-a brownies, all his favorites. Guests had lots of sweets to choose from, but also had "to go" boxes to take home. We dined and laughed and had a true family lunch. We didn't make a grand exit, it was literally like we all got together for lunch, which we loved. Jimmy and I were the last to leave with our parents, and departed at 3pm to head straight to the St Regis, and that is a post in itself....
Here are a few pics from the luncheon.

We truly wanted a day to be families united, giving glory to our heavenly father for bringing us together and as carefree as possible. I am so glad we were able to accomplish that!

Rehersal Dinner post next-----a rehersal dinner for two.... (yes, just two!) I highly recommend it :)

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