Friday, January 28, 2011

The Weekend...

After the long week we've had, we packed up and headed to Asheville Friday morning. This trip was planned months ago for my Aunt's Birthday, and earlier last week we discussed whether to still make the trip or not. We quickly decided the getaway and birthday celebration was good timing and the change of scenery would be a good for our souls. The weather was crisp and clear and it made for a beautiful drive to and from. We enjoyed downtown Asheville, a tour of the Biltmore, and the Grove Park Inn.

We are trying to soak in everything we've learned the past week (it's been quite a bit of information to take in) and attempt to move forward with some peace with the seen and unseen.

I must share, I am blessed to have Jimmy. We have been married since July, and found out we were expecting in November, we were beyond excited and thrilled! Jimmy was over the moon when I told him we were going to be parents. He has been an amazing source of strength and hope. His words are real and reassuring. His heart hurts so much, just as mine does, but he's an amazing example of believing God, having unrelenting faith as we are called to do, and knowing our heavenly father has his hand in all of this. This little girl is already beyond blessed to have this man as her Daddy.

After our news last Friday, I was thinking how many exciting things in just a quick 7months. A wedding, a dream honeymoon, a home as "ours", and a positive pregnancy test. We couldn't feel more blessed.

We get ready this morning to face another week, back in the routine of things, back to Doctors (hoping for final CVS results this week) after a pretty relaxing weekend away. Our minds are never clear of all of this, but we certainly tried as much as we could this weekend to relax, and enjoy some time away from our routine.

Thank you again for your continued prayers, your amazing messages, your comforting stories of healing and hope, your sweet texts that let us know you are on our knees for us right that very minute. We are touched by each and every one. It was amazing to be away from home and receiving a messaage and knowing people were praying for us. We are blessed and humbled with the army of prayer warriors lifting us and our family of three up. As Frances Crosby wrote in 1873 in a beautiful hymn, We are watching and waiting, looking above, filled with His goodness, lost in His love.

With much love, hope and faith,

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