Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Diagnosis Results

We received our first diagnosis results today and we must celebrate our answered prayers and "small victories" on this journey and this was defintely one! The results were normal. None of the major chromosomal issues were found from our testing Monday, praise God! We still must await the final results, which will be in about a week, but there is a 99% chance that the final results will match with this. I know it's a bit confusing; to explain further, we had a CVS test Monday (as you can read below) and during your CVS test with that specimen, you can do a FISH test that gives you rapid results on the major chromosomal issues; Downs Syndrome, Turners, Trisomy's. These results are returned within 48 hrs, which we chose to do and we received late this afternoon. The specimen taken during the CVS will continue to culture and we will have final results in about a week. So we still await those results, but the preliminary results were positive.
What does this mean?
Well, we are learning just as you learning, so we are not quite sure. A CVS test does not test for neural tube defects, heart defects, or any other defects, just for the chromosomes we mentioned above. The nurse started the phone call with "I have some good news....your tests came back normal" So I listened to her about getting the final results in a week and asked again "so, this is good news?" and she replied "yes." This is good news because it immediately rules the major chromosome issues out but we still don't have a cause, and that is important. The Doctors are still "very concerned" because something is causing the cysytic hygroma(the fluid, that's large and on our sweet baby girl) not to drain, an issue with the lymphatic system and we must find out what is causing this. It can be many things, scary things, but we most certainly believe in the power of prayer, and you wouldn't believe some of the miracle stories we have heard,we pray constantly ours is another one. We truly trust our wonderful specialists, but we also put our faith in the hands of the divine healer. We ask you not stop with your prayers, that you pray these mountains are moved. We are still very early on in this journey and still have a lot of things to face. Your prayers are what get us through each of these and they mean everything to us. As I said in the post below, you are all our "Aaron's and Hur's" holding us up to withstand this battle.

We treat this as a good day and pray we have more. We have more Doctors to speak to tomorrow, we will hear our final CVS results in about a week and we see our specialist in a about a week and 1/2.

Thank you to the mom's that have shared their hearts with us by telling their stories, that gives us hope and strength. Thank you to the complete strangers that have committed to pray for our family, we feel immensley blessed that you are doing so. We can't thank you enough for the messages, emails, comments, texts, phone calls, cards, flowers, dinners after our testing procedure and most of all for your prayers. We ask that you continue your prayers for whole healing for our little girl and her cystic hygroma, continued peace as we go through each day, for wisdom and knowledge for our Doctors, and for our families.

So many of you ask how we are, and we certainly have our share of tears and questions of "why," I don't want to "sugarcoat" that, we've had some downright sobs. But those moments are somewhat short lived as the calmness begins to overwhlem us. It's the calmness that brings peace. Although, I am eternally grateful for the rest that peace brings, at times when I start to feel the peace, I begin to feel guilty for it. I wonder, how can we be peaceful at a time of total uncertainity and fearing the worst for our first child? I have quickly learned to accept that the peace can't be explained or understood, because it's simply the peace of God that surpasses ALL understanding. (Phillipians 4:7)

With faith, hope and much love,
Jimmy & Jennifer


HappyascanB said...

Y'all are constantly in my prayers. Much, much love, sweet one. Love you!

Claire said...

This verse "fell" into my hands today and I immediately thought of you: "In His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind." Job 12:10
I am THRILLED that you got some good news today! Praise God for that and for this sweet girl.

Sam said...

This is good news! Prayers continue and I know he's watching over all three of you! Love you friend!

Brad Gibbs said...

We are friends of Bethany Slocum and we just wanted to let you know we are praying for you. Our daughter, Claire, was born on January 5th with a severe neurological condition called hydrocephalus. We found out in the 15th week of gestation (August 3rd) and we experienced the exact same emotions you all are experiencing now. We know exactly how the low moments feel. She has been doing much better than the doctors projected thanks to countless prayers. We reached out to everyone we knew, and complete strangers, for prayer support. We found an online community of parents and children with the same condition and that was a tremendous help in our journey so I would definitely recommend that. We have new friends throughout the country that we love and rely on for advice. I wanted you to know our story so that you don't get too down by what the doctors say. In our experience, they tend to be overly pessimistic. Are you in Atlanta or Macon? We are in Atlanta and I'm wondering if you seeing the same docs we did. We will follow your blog and say a prayer everyday for y'all!

coolercorner said...

Praise the Lord! Not for what He has done but for WHO HE IS! I am so happy for the two of you! That is fantastic! I will continue to hold your arms up during this difficult time!


Abby said...

My heart is so full and happy for you, Jimmy and baby girl. Know that I am praying for all 3 of you daily. You are an amazing woman!1 I appreciate the updates - it helps my communicate with my prayer warriors who are praying for you as well!

Nysewanders said...

Jennifer! I had no idea! I saw you so briefly at the store today and I signed on to fb to say hey and read all that was going on. I'm so sorry for you, Jimmy and your sweet girl BUT I am so encouraged by the huge number of people praying! That's awesome and it changes everything! Well, count us in, we're praying from a few streets over. We have seen great healings!

Shannon said...

Praising God for the small victories and claiming now that you'll see more! Love you!