Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Genetics Visit & OB Visit

We had an appointment yesterday with our Genetics specialist and today with our regular OB.

The Genetics Appt~It was certainly informative as far as biology goes. We wish we had paid more attention in biology class in times like these....
Our Genetics Counselor, was extremely nice and helpful, she answered a lot of questions and informed us of future testing options. I didn't sleep a wink the night before. I was mindlessly wondering about the appointment, because we had heard through many people that this would not be an easy appointment. Overall, we were fortunate that ours went as well as it did. She went over all the possibilities and was somewhat hopeful in that we have eliminated chromosomal issues. The next most common issue is a heart defect. We won't know exactly if we have that until our next appointment with the specialist, which is March 4th. Hopefully then they can tell what we may or may not be dealing with in heart issues. We may have to wait even a week or 2 after that to see and possibly have a fetal echo done, to check the heart out a bit further. As we said before, its a process of elimination at this point until we see something that gives reason for the hygroma. But that is really our next step. There may be need for an amniocentesis, but we aren't sure of that yet. That sample would be used to have a microarray testing, which could give us more information on other syndromes, that the CVS cannot test for. However,at this point we're not sure if we're having that done. It's all so overwhelming so we try to approach it all with one step at a time. So, our March 4 appointment will be the most revealing thus far and we continue to hope and pray for that appointment.

OB Appointment~We met with our regular OB today and it was pretty routine. Our little girl's heartbeat was heard through the doppler and due to all the Specialists ultrasounds, we did not have to have an ultrasound done today. We did have some more routine bloodwork done and hopefully those results will be just fine. So basically we had a simple "check in" appointment so our OB can keep stats on us as well.

We are relieved our round of appointments are completed for a while. We don't go back to either Doctor until March 4th. We'll try to get some r&r in during this little 2 week break. Sooo, to be sure we make the most of these two weeks, we are headed back to Asheville tomorrow for a long weekend at The Grove Park Inn! We are very excited to go and getaway and enjoy some family time, spend a day at the Grove Park Spa :), and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Thank you again for your continued prayers. It is so heart warming to see so many acts of love each day done for us, we are so blessed by them all. The many "gifts" that keep "appearing" on our porch, the wonderful emails and texts, your stories of hope,the many prayer lists that you have graciously added our names too, every act leaves us in awe. Thank you, thank you.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

By your many acts of love, you are a shining light in such a dark time. Thank you for being our light. When we experience the abundance acts of love for us, we can't help but thank our heavenly Father for our wonderful prayer warriors, friends and family.


HappyascanB said...

Praisiing God for every little bit of hope He gives. Praying this weekend is full of rest, relaxation, and pampering for y'all! Love love!!

Monica said...

You have such a positive outlook Jennifer! You will remain in our thoughts and prayers! Enjoy your weekend in Asheville!