Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Appointment Update

We are sorry this is so late today, but it's been a busy day. We arrived at Northside for our appointment with our specialist promptly at 7:45am. We were quickly whisked away to the ultra sound room, which is very large, detailed, and has many screens since it's a specialist practice. We saw our little girl, her heartbeat was good, and it was the first time we saw her all "curled" up. She was sleeping soundly. They really needed her to wake up and move around a bit to get some anatomy pictures, but she really wasn't into waking up. She wiggled in aggravation but was sleeping soundly. :)
Jimmy giggled saying she's just like me as I'm hard to get up in the mornings.
I must say, I was a proud Mommy, as she conducted the entire 30 minute ultra-sound with her legs crossed. :) (I totally ate that up)I told the ultra sound nurse that that is because she is a lady, of course. :)
They tried and tried to get her to move, nothing crazy or forcefully, but I think she felt it was simply still too early in the morning for all this business.
They took the best pictures they could get in the long detailed ultra sound. They reminded us several times that it is still very early to see the structures since we are at 15 1/2 weeks, but today they didn't see anything unusual as far as structure and anatomy. Ultimately though, they should really be able to tell on our next appointment with them, which is March 4th. Again, we take our small victories and are thankful!

The hygroma~It was still there and they didn't get great measurements on it, from the way she was sleeping. But it doesn't appear to have grown, which is good. She did have a vein or artery missing from her umblical cord, as its to have 3 and she just has 2, which is often an indicator of a syndrome.

Our CVS tests results, as we knew, were normal so we talked to the Doctor on that and she recommended our next steps should be to meet with a genetics counselor and to consider a micro-array testing. This test would show approximately 80 more possible syndromes and be a little more detailed. We are in the process of researching that as well as preparing for our genetics counseling appointment, which is Tuesday, the 15th. We hope to inform you all of more then.

We didn't learn a lot of new information today, but it wasn't bad news either. Just somewhat of the same situation. We know our outlook isn't "medically" great, but we again, have to rely on the hand of the almighty father to carry us through whatever the future may bring, and we felt the peace and prayers today on our appointment, so thank you. Many of you ask "when will they know?" The truth to that is, possibly at 20 week ultraound, or possibly even later. It's a process of elimination at this time trying to detect what exactly is causing the hygroma, as well as a process in waiting for our little sweet one to grow some more so organs can be seen and development can be accurately assessed. I know that's not as soon you, or we, would like, but we have to be patient in this process. That's not easy for anyone, but overall we truly have a calmness that helps us tread through the unknown waters. It's not always easy, I don't want to "sugarcoat" things, but we truly take it day by day and continue to trust the Lord in what He has planned. We don't know whats coming with each appointment that we wait for, but we do know the One that holds tomorrow and we simply try to remind ourselves of that each and everyday, as many times as it takes.

Thank you isn't a strong enough word for us to express to you all for praying for our family. We are being prayed for across the country and even as far as New Zealand! We are humbled and blessed by your acts of love and by all the prayers you offer up for us. Don't for a second think we don't soak up each and every email, comment, post, letter, card, or many acts of service done our behalf. Those things fill our 'love tank' and help remind us, we are not alone, for we are blessed.

With much love, hope and faith,
Jennifer and Jimmy


Jenny said...

I thought of you when I woke up this morning and have been waiting all day for this post. I loved the story about your sweet lady with her legs crossed. Our Emily did the very same thing at her anatomy ultrasound :)

Keeping you both on my heart daily.

Anonymous said...

Can't stop laughing that Jimmy said, "she's just like you, hard to wake in the mornings." Haha, So true. And I loved that the little princess kept her legs crossed like a Southern Belle. I wouldn't imagine her sitting any other way. She is after all, Princess Bud Jr!!! :)

Isn't it fun to think that she is designed in God's image, and is designed in yours too?! I am off to dream of Baby Girl Princess Bud Jr. Martin with a huge smile on my face. I love her to pieces and I am lifting her up to our God Almighty tonight. xoxo, Erin

Abby said...

Still praying for all 3 of you daily!! He has all of you wrapped in His hands.

Jennifer said...

I just wanted to let you know that I am constantly thinking about you and your family. Saying many prayers here and I have asked some friends to do the same, even though they don't know you they can still raise prayers. We are also lighting a candle for you at church. Take care.

Jennifer (Priest)

HappyascanB said...

Love that sweet girl had her legs crossed! I know that made you so proud!

Y'all are always in our hearts and in our prayers!

T. Meyer said...

Happy Valentines Day...lots of love sent to you from Jacksonville, FL today :)Prayers continue for you and your family!
(Marlo's friend) Traci

The Clark's said...

Happy Valentines Day Jenn and Jimmy! I hope this is the best one ever for you both:) Like Erin, I love this little lady so much which I think the Spirit fills us with when we pray for someone. Every time I check your blog, I anticipate that I could very well hear a miracle. Our family is full of hope with yours! We'll keep praying....CONSTANTLY! Love, Katie