Friday, March 4, 2011

**One more thing**

In regards to our post from earlier today (right below)---We just found out our appt with the pediatric cardiologist is Monday at 11:45am. You all have been so wonderful in asking when the appointment was, and we hated we didn't know when we posted earlier but we just got the news now. This news is great that it's so soon, but also gave my nerves a little chance to re-visit (very little). We know we are at a great hospital (Northside), we have so many precious prayer warriors praying for us and we only hope to bring good news on Monday after our appointment. Our minds tend to wander back to the "what if's" since their are so many possiblitiles with such a vital organ, but we are astounded at the many stories we get daily from friends of friends sharing their miraculous heart stories. Thank you all for opening your hearts on this journey.

With much much love, gratitude and thankfulness to each of you,
Jennifer & Jimmy


Molly said...

Good luck on Monday - we will be crossing fingers and saying prayers!

Nysewanders said...

Hey Jennifer! I'm praying for great news today from the cardiologist. God is a healer of the impossible... we're praying for great things!