Monday, March 7, 2011

Rejoicing from the Heart!

We had the best appointment we have had yet this morning! We are excited to share our news.
We met with the most wonderful pediatric cardiologist that came highly recommended, not only by our fetal specialist that we've been seeing, but also by some friends that have had the opportunity to work with him. He was amazing! He spent so much time with us, we loved him even before he told us......."this is fixable and manageable". That was music to our ears!! He said it several times, and we just couldn't get enough of it. We were amazed. We waited as they did a super extensive heart ultrasound and then he patiently explained absolutely everything to us. Basically, she has VSD, and to be further on it, she has Tetralogy of Fallot which on our little girl specifically she has; a smaller pulmonary valve (which we need to get bigger) and Right Ventricle hypertrophy. This stuff is way over our heads but our Doctor did a fabulous job drawing and explaining it and sent us home with the information. Again, all I kept hearing was "fixable and manageable." But, there are a few more hoops to jump through for us (below), but overall we felt it was great news.

He said she had a "good squeeze" and "beautiful 4 chambers" so we were ecstatic with that. She also had an "excellent heartbeat." He couldn't believe how much we had gone through in 18 weeks, but that is because we saw the Cystic Hygroma. The reason he was surprised is because many heart defects are found at 18-20 week ultrasounds because it's the most clear to see then (the heart and baby have had time to develop) with that said, by the 18-20 week mark sometimes, as in ours, the hygroma is resolved. Anyhow, the surgery(s) she'll need will be done after birth. In utero is not necessary for us and to him, more risky than we need. She could have one surgery, but he feels she may need two of them. Again, these will be done right after birth most likely. He will continue to monitor us, he will be there when she is delivered and then she will go to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for surgery, with what he says, are some of the top surgeons. We will meet with the surgeons in the future to know our entire "gameplan." The success rate in these surgeries is 90% so he just reassured us before we could even speak words out of our mouths. He obviously knows what he's doing because we really didn't breathe a word, taking in everything he said and he seemed to answer every question we may have ever come up with.

He congratulated us which was so nice to really hear. He told Jimmy to make sure he called him directly if he ever had any questions on anything, he was great. We were both crying before we could walk out, we just couldn't believe all the information and the positive light he put it all in, we just hadn't experienced that yet.

Now, there was one thought of his, that he said wasn't a "huge" concern but something he would like to further test . It is Digeorge Syndrome. This is sometimes common in babies that have Tetralogy Fallot. He said our risk is a bit higher for having this than another pregnancy, because of the heart defect, and so he said we may want to have an amino done to rule that out. He said medically it wouldn't affect him or his future in handling surgeries,etc. He said that is for us, and to us, we want to arm our doctors with all the knowledge they can have upon delivery. So we will most likely have an amino done in the near future. Please pray for those results. Digeorge syndrome is not as severe as downs but does have physical and mentally delayed developments, lower immunity,etc. While we still hold hope and pray that we have a totally healthy baby, we hold firmly to the faith that the Lord is giving us the baby He desires us to have.

We are very excited, and still "cautiously optimistic" because we are certainly "not out of the woods yet" BUT we are EVER GO GRATEFUL for the blessings of today! We were terrified this morning of what was to come, and we left beyond grateful and having to compose ourselves before we headed up to the checkout counter. We talked before we were called back that the same God that has been there for us our entire lives, restored us and brought us together is the same God we'll serve no matter what we hear back there. We agreed on that and back we went. We came out with tears of joy. We can't thank you all enough for the prayers and continued prayers you bestow upon us. The meals, cards, flowers, surprise gifts, they all are warming OUR hearts and that keeps us going. We said in our first post that we serve a God who is able to "do immeasurably more than we can ask" (Ephesians 3:20) and we have already seen that.
This morning I was reading about Jesus telling the disciples that "even faith as small as a mustard seed could move mountains" (Matthew 17:20)and prayer warriors, you my friends, have had the most amazing faith. By your prayers and the mighty works of our Father, mountains have already been moved. We absolutely pray they continue to be moved as we go through this pregnancy. We have a lot to be thankful for at this point and we are thanking God continuously for his goodness, but we also continue to hit our knees in continued prayer for development of the heart, for our Doctors, surgeons and our family. We know we still have months to go, and many many appointments to get through but with the support we receive from you all and sufficient grace from the Lord, we have no doubts we can journey through anything.

With much love, hope, and faith,
Jennifer & Jimmy

Baby Girl Martin and her sweet profile


Lindsey said...

I stumbled upon your story a few weeks ago and have been reading and praying for you. My heart leapt with joy when I read the great news!

Anonymous said...

GLORIOUS DAY!!!! What GREAT news! Praise be to God! love, Erin

Lee said...

Praise God!! We will keep praying! The Gormans

Ashleigh said...

WAY TO GO sweet little miracle baby girl! Rejoicing with you over such great news!!

RFMjr said... know Hannah and Lyndsay sat with us in the waiting room when Trey had his surgery at Eggleston. You have some battle tested prayer warriors already lined up. Know that Haley and I arein the ranks as well.

Love to all three of you!
Robert Meaders

Sam said...

Fabulous, we can't wait to meet the little Martin girl! So glad for your both.

Mrs. Werginz said...

This is amazing! God is taking care of you, Jimmy, and Baby Girl! There is a plan!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer & Jimmy,
I keep coming back to my computer to look at your precious girl's picture! Sweet, sweet doll. Jennifer, you know how much I love you and I already love this baby just as much. So glad to be crying tears of joy today!! :) Love you all!!!

HappyascanB said...

What a beautiful little baby girl! I am so very excited for y'all and am praising the Good Lord constantly. So very thankful He has given these doctors soooo much wisdom and discernment. Praying for y'all always.

Claire said...

Thrilled to hear good news from today! So happy for y'all and so happy to see your beautiful girl. We will continue praying for y'all, her, and doctors/nurses caring for you. May God bless your family- love, CC

Abby said...

I really shouldn't read your blog while I am at work. I'm torn between dancing and crying for joy!! :) Much love to you and Baby Girl!!

Helen said...

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow"! Jennifer, I've been following your blog and praying for each of you. I'm so grateful for the wonderful news! You all will continue to be lifted in prayer as you go through the months ahead.

I have sweet memories of the two cute blonde headed little girls (you and Shannon) being in the church training class when David and I first came to First Baptist. Your entire family are special to us in so many ways!

Helen Jones

K Trock said...

Such great news - Praise the Lord! I'm trying to compose myself before my kids come into the room -such tears of joy for y'all. Thanks for all of the updates and keeping us posted on what we can pray for. xo, The Trocks (in NYC)

Wendy said...

You might be interested in a blog that I read about another heart baby who defied the odds. The blog is

While Ryan does not have the same heart defect that your little daughter does (his heart was on the outside of his body and had defects), you might gain wisdom and peace through reading Ryan's story (or even e-mailing his mom, LeighAnn, to know what to expect once the baby is born). Ryan is now two years old and very happy. Good luck with your precious little girl.