Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Wailing Wall

Just wanted to check in and report on our latest appointments. Last Wednesday (April 27) we had an appointment with our specialist. To me, this was one of our better appointments because it simply didn't last as long as they normally do :). Which to us, is a good sign. Our sweet little girl was active and moving for us and they got good measurements and she weighed in at 1.9lbs, so she is growing! We need to continue to pray for her growth so she is a substantial size and so that she is prepared for any surgeries when she arrives. (The bigger the weight the better) With her 2 vessel umbilical cord (most have 3) we need to make sure she is getting all her nutrients and nourishment. I'm working hard to do my part in this and praying she is getting all that and more! The doctors still want to monitor her closely so we continue to see them quite frequently. This next week (Wed May 11th and Fri May 13th) we have appointments with our OB and then with the Pediatric Cardiologist. We are praying for these appointments, every appointment seems to bring nerves. We hope for good news at both.
Our days are up and down. Some days we are flat out overwhelmed with all that we are told we may face, and some days we are overwhelmed with tons of goodness. We continuously thank God for this blessing and for how far he has brought us on this journey. We feel immensely blessed that we are able to be where we are today considering where we came from. But, to be honest and transparent, there is still so much fear. Especially to me (Jennifer) which I am working on daily. I KNOW God's hand is right on this and we feel him every.step.of.the.way. He continues to show Himself over and over again to us. We are ever thankful for that and I am trying my hardest to let my human fears subside and trust in His word and His promises. I repeat them as many times as it takes for me on a day to day basis. We continue to do things that aren't always easy, making lists of what we need, starting to plan a nursery despite my worries, allowing my precious friends & family that have graciously offered to jump in the throws of planning showers, and we pray that we are doing the right thing. Those things aren't easy for me. Our prayer lives have been enriched in this journey and it's already been life changing. We pray to the Lord that he hears our prayers and we know, without a doubt that He does.
On prayer, there is a "Wailing Wall", also known as Kotel in the old city of Jerusalem. It is part of an old Jewish Temple and was constructed by King Herod. Old, to say the least! The last remains of the Jewish temples that was built more than 2,000 years ago is the Western or Wailing Wall. This wall provides the boundary between the Temple Mount of the Muslim Quarter and the Jewish Quarter. Due to the historical and emotional significance of the Wailing Wall, many Christians visit here. This is a place where many will stop to meditate, reflect and pray to God, with some leaving their own prayer request within the wall.The sages state that anyone who prays in the Temple in Jerusalem, “it is as if he has prayed before the throne of glory because the gate of heaven is situated there and it is open to hear prayer”.

While we are not Jewish, we have heard from so many people that have visited Israel (including many of our family members) that this is such a sacred, holy and special place. Over one million "notes" are left in the wailing wall each year, of each persons cry to the Lord. We fully realize we don't have to go to Israel to pray (although I wouldn't mind) but we are blessed that one of our dear friends is headed there this Saturday and asked us long ago about putting a prayer in the wall for our little one. I have loved this idea ever since she mentioned it. Her & their group (Valdosta Baptist Church)will pray over our prayer request/letter at one of the oldest and considered most holy & sacred sites of the city where Jesus once was. That in itself is amazing to me! So this morning I prepared our note of prayer to be placed at the Wailing Wall. Special prayers for our sweet little one being knitted in the womb, prayers for us as parents, prayers for her life once she arrives and for all that our future will hold will be placed in this massive wall, along with so many others cries for hope.
So, while we stay put, and continue to pray here, we are blessed that a piece of our hearts is leaving this Saturday for the Holy Land...


Marlo said...

Jennifer, how special and amazing. What a wonderful blessing. We love you.

The Windhams said...

just want you to know that i have been praying for your family and precious little girl. that is amazing that your prayer is goin to the wailing wall. i have a picture of an old man crying with his hand on the wailing wall. it is one of my favorite pictures because it is so moving. continuing to pray!