Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Team Reese

Dear Sweet Readers,

You may have noticed the new "buttons" on the left side of the page labeled Team Reese. We are amazed at the amount of friends that have already started to put this up! My sister created the cute buttons and graciously added them to our blog. Before I had a chance to post an explaination on them and get instruction from her, the sweet pink background donning our little girl's name was already popping up all over! Bless you, bless you and thank you, thank you for those that have already posted, you are so dear to us. We are humbled by everyone's genorosity to the heart association and team members that have signed up walk in just the past 12 hours! The buttons will direct you to our Heart Association page and a then the next "button" is to "grab" and post on your own blog or facebook page, if you feel led to do so. No pressure at all, but we love the support from everyone.

The past few years Jimmy has participated in the American Heart Association heartwalk in loving memory of his grandfather. Once we stared dating, I started walking along with him in the walks. Believe it or not it was one of his first family events I was a part of! This year, we walk in loving memory and sweet adoration of our little girl Reese. Our time with her in utero and then meeting her tiny body on May 15, 2011 was all too short and our hearts are still mending, but we are blessed by the continued love shown to us in this journey. The Cobb Heart Walk will take place Saturday, October 22nd at 8am check-in and 9am walk. It is VERY family friendly event, lots of families, strollers and its an easy 5k walk around the Marietta square area. This year, the heart walk takes on a whole other meaning to us after knowing all too well the complications that can come from a heart defect. After we lost Reese, so many asked what they could do, this was the best answer to us to simply support the AHA. We knew from our experience in the past being walkers what a wonderful organization it is. Donations started coming in and shortly thereafter, with both of us having a friend that works for the AHA, and with their encouragement and support, we decided to put together a team. We had no idea how quickly it would take off and for that we are so so so very grateful to our friends and family for their awesome support! We have a special meeting place/tent for TEAM REESE the day of the walk and we are in the works of planning all that goes into that day and we are excited to be putting our energy into something that is so near and dear to our hearts and a sweet way to honor our little girl. It doesn't touch taking the pain away that we still feel, but it certainly does comfort us to hopefully help others that are facing heart defects or heart disesase.

We would LOVE to have you, and your family or friends join us in the walk. We would love a huge team of TEAM REESE walkers. We love the support of the walkers! We of course, also greatly appreciate any donations made. Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and complete strangers have reached out to us already with support to the AHA in memory of Reese and now with TEAM REESE in place and the fabulous "plugs" from my sister and the buttons she has created, we are excited to see all that can be accomplished and benefit the AHA from TEAM REESE.

How to join/donate/or post the button to your blog or facebook page:
By simply clicking the button on the top left, this will direct you to our AHA site and allow you to sign up to join our team (as a walker), donate or do both. All donations made go directly to the AHA in support of our TEAM REESE. We hope to raise $5000.00 (or more :)) by the walk date of October 22nd. And by the amazingness of you all, we are over halfway there before we even developed the idea of a team! Bless you! And aside from the donatoins, we are ever so thrilled about the amount of folks that have expressed interest in walking with their families. You will never know how much that means to us and we cannot wait to see you all together in October.

We are still in the throws of planning and organizing so bear with us as we continue to work on all the things we hope TEAM REESE can bring to the benefit of anyone struggling, or felt the loss of heart disease and heart defects.

We love you all. Thank you, thank you for your love, support, the continued emails, cards, and messages that warm our hearts. To know we are still being lifted up in prayer daily is what helps us get through each day. We can't thank you enough for walking this journey with us, every part of it.

Much love, hope and faith,
Jennifer & Jimmy

Proverbs 4:23 "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life."

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