Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hello sweet friends, family, readers and sweet strangers that we now call "friends"~

Here is the update for TEAM REESE that so many of you have been so sweet to ask about, donated to and volunteer your time. The walk is held on the Marietta square Saturday, October 22nd. Activities (t-shirt pick-up) start at 8am and the walk begins at 9am. Strollers are welcome, its a very family friendly event!

Immediately following the walk there will be an after party at the Martin's home, which is just a few short miles from the square (maps will be available at our TEAM REESE tent on the square). This is also a super family friendly event with activities for children, lunch and a band! We have been blessed and humbled by the many donations to the after party by dear friends, family and business owners that are all dear to our hearts.

Our t-shirts were revealed to us this weekend and we were in absolute awe. They are precious and very special. My sweet & precious husband and sweet sister surprised me by having Reese's actual footprint printed on the front of the shirt, so you will all have a piece of our sweet girl... (and see that she took after her parents with big feet)  :)

What you need to do to sign-up:

-Even if you have joined our team on the AHA website, you still need to fill out our form on the link below so we can account for you a t-shirt and the after party.

-You must register each person walking (of all ages) individually. For example, a family of 4 needs to submit 4 entries separately (rest assured its all very quick & easy!)

-A donation is not required to walk or to have a t-shirt but if you would like to make a donation there is a link to the donation page on our form below and also to the left of this page (next to the TEAM REESE button). Thank you for all the many donations we have received, we are getting closer to our goal day by day!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us at:

    Here is the form to sign up:
TEAM REESE Walker Sign-Up

Thank you for all your support, love and fund raising efforts. We are looking forward to a WONDERFUL walk and a fabulous after party with friends of all ages! We are also excited about meeting many of you face to face.

With Much Love, Faith and Hope,
Jennifer & Jimmy

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