Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Merry Christmas!

   Our Christmas cards this year..... they were extra special......

                                  And the back of them.....

We hope you read carefully :). We are 16 weeks pregnant as of this Saturday! We have been under the care of a specialist and our fabulous Doctor. We have had several appointments, scans and tests with the specialist and so far so good. The specialist told us at one appoitment he couldn't give us more reassuring numbers. We recevied our poor diagnosis with sweet Reese at 12weeks, so we've been anxious to attend all these appointments the past few months. 

We found out earlier this fall and we were actually almost 2 months pregnant at the Heart Walk! 
It's been hard keeping it under 'wraps' (especially since I'm showing more this time and we're so far along) but we were excited to announce it on our Christmas cards, graciously created and made by my sister!

The pictures on the top are from this late summer and fall. Top left is our anniversary trip to St Maarten in July, Top right is TEAM REESE on October 22nd on the square. Bottom left is Dublin, Ireland which we visited over Thanksgiving ( a post in itself) and bottom right is Central Park in NYC when we were lucky enough to go over Labor day and go to the US Open!

I knew when the mail delivered this week because our phones and emails went crazy. Thank you sweet sweet friends for all your kind words, wishes and prayers. Each message overflowed our hearts. Thank you all for saying how much you'd be in prayer for us, we can't thank you enough for that.

We will absolutely keep you all posted on our progress. Our anatomy/heart scan is Jan 17 and Jan 19th. At this point their are not indicators of any issues (as we had last time) but we are of course still very anxious to have those appointments. Thank you for your prayers and love and support on this journey we continue to walk. 

No sweet face or sweet child could ever take the place of our angel Reese, we think of her daily and a small family memorial is taking place next weekend (New Years weekend)at her graveside, which will be a first for all of us. As sad as our hearts still hurt that we don't have her here, we are beyond excited, joyful and ever grateful to God for allowing us to be parents to this sweet little baby we will meet in early June. We have cried tears of joy at each appointment we've had thus far at the good news!

We cried especially at the one this past Monday.........  when we were told this baby was a sweet little girl! Blessed beyond all measure.

With love, hope and faith,
Jennifer & Jimmy

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

October 22, 2010

I cannot believe it has been 2 months since I've posted. I was waiting on a few things to post and now I have it all. We also recently took a trip to Ireland (another post coming soon!) and I have just fallen behind. I promise to update in the coming weeks, BUT first our recap of such an amazing day!

We woke up on October 22nd, our walk with the AHA and TEAM REESE. It was a beautiful fall day. It couldn't have been prettier. Our committee had worked endless hours over the past few months it was unbelievable all that everyone accomplished. This committee was made up of our mothers, sisters, grandmother and our friend Staci. We met once a month and emailed more times than one could count to pull of the day. These are just a few of the folks that made October 22nd, such a wonderful and memorable day. Let me say that each of these sweet people spent more time on this than one normal person would do. :) They are to be commended and thanked beyond what we could possibly express. These folks generated donations, corporate sponsors, designed t-shirts, made plans, decorated to make for an adorable party, organized events, pick ups and meetings and much much more.

We arrived at the square early to get to our tent that the AHA had generously donated for us, the committee quickly got started setting up the tent with super cute decorations and Reese's candy as well as heart balloons attached w/ fruit snacks for all our little walkers. We had 225 walkers sign up and we had 220 walk with us on that day!! Many of these walkers traveled from Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida and many traveled hours across the state of Georgia. We were a LARGE sea of pink being one of the top teams. Our sweet team led us in incredible fund raising, making us the top community team raising OVER $11,000.00 to the American Heart Association. Our hearts were full to the brim when we heard our final number that morning, all of this is memory of our first-born, our sweet, precious little girl, Rebecca Reese.

We had generous corporate sponsors that donated so that we could provide all 225 walkers (from children to adult) a TEAM REESE t-shirt free of charge. We had had pick up dates for these and so everyone showed up in their t-shirts and it was amazing. The pink just kept coming and coming that gorgeous morning :)

We walked 3.2 miles around the beautiful square area and we walked with friends, family, tiny children just a few months old (who strolled of course) and complete strangers that had joined our team. We were so touched by every single walker.

After our walk, we all headed to my dear in-laws for an after party. We wanted to show our appreciation to the families that spent their day with us, along with all the donations. My in-laws have the PERFECT place for a party so we enjoyed the beautiful afternoon fall day on their land. We had a large jumpy house donated (this was a HIT to say the least) , we had lunch donated as well as delicious desserts and drinks donated by various vendors that are near and dear to our heart  (who all can be found on the back of a TEAM REESE t-shirt). Each of these vendors we knew personally and all offered their services. Talk about being blessed~these folks came from everywhere wanting to be a part and to feed and entertain 225 people is not an easy task. What started as a simple walk turned into an amazing amount of donations to the heart association, and a wonderful party with delicious food and fellowship. Another huge hit to the day was the band we had playing. This band was made up of family members, so it made it even more special. Every member is a family member and they played wonderful hits and the kids danced and so did some of the adults! The band was playing as folks started strolling in and that created just the atmosphere we were looking for. We can't thank everyone enough for the time they donated as well as all the goods. To provide a party on donations alone from companies and dear friends was something we never envisioned.

We gave awards to our two top walkers. One being a SIX year old that raised $1k in memory of our Reese. $1000!! She was precious and we were so proud of Miss Alexis Bird. The other, was our dear friend, Andy Goodman who topped out at over $1200 in donations. We also had so many walkers raise over $300! I think he last count was over 25 walkers rasied over $300! We appreciate each and everyone of you and we cherish the sweet donations in memory of our sweet girl.

We had our dear dear friend, Allyson Warrington, a professional photographer (AGW PHOTOGRAPHY) donate her time to us and she took pictures from the first attendee showing up at the tent (at 7:30 am) to the last folks leaving that late afternoon from the party. She documented the entire day and these pictures are beyond special to us. We could never capture the day like she did and we are EVER grateful to her services and her generous heart and her sweet husband for coming and watching their 2 girls as she "snapped"away. :) Whether you were there or not you don't want to miss her fabulous photos of the event!
(Instructions to see these photos at bottom of post)

The next morning Jimmy woke me up with "we're on the front page" and I thought he was kidding, but low and behold, our sweet TEAM REESE had made the front page of the Sunday paper. Front and center with a large photo of the walkers and a little bit of our story.  The foot print you see on the front of each shirt is our Reese's actual foot print. She takes after her mom and dad and had big feet like the both of us. I was so touched by my husband and sister for that special touch  (& surprise) on our t-shirt.

We can't thank everyone enough. We just don't have the words to express how much EACH AND EVERY donation meant to us, and how much EACH AND EVERY walker meant to us, along with the many emails and letters we received on folks that could not be in attendance that day from family to friends to strangers that are now friends. YOU all made the day possible, YOU had the vision to make us a top team (and we made it!) YOU had the vision to surpass our goal of $10k (we hit $11k) YOU and YOUR time and donations made the party tremendous, YOU have forever touched our lives and our hearts.

We miss Reese each and everyday and some days are harder than others, as we expect. But each time we see someone wearing their t-shirt or glance at the pictures from the day it brings sunshine and hope for tomorrow.

With love, hope and faith,
Jennifer & Jimmy 

Thank you again for sharing your hearts with us and such a special day with us. To view pictures from the TEAM REESE event,

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