Monday, January 16, 2012

A joyful day!

Hello sweet friends and prayer warriors!

We had our appt today with the specialist. (We changed it to today because Jimmy was off work and it worked great for us to go this morning).)
We had our big anatomy ultrasound and all looked GREAT! The specialist was very reassuring and our little girl was measuring on time and all appeared to be normal! This was music to our ears to say the least! Because of our history with Reese, he did suggest we see our pediatric cardiologist Doctor (who we love) in early February, but he saw nothing wrong or abnormal with the heart today! JOY! Our hearts sank a little bit when he said he was going to send us there, we were so afraid we were facing another difficulty, but he quickly assured us (before we could even ask) he was sending us there before he had even walked in the room today or before he had seen any ultrasound pictures. Our scan was reasonably short considering all the long scans we had with Reese. We are grateful for those and thankful our Doctors are so thorough! We feel so good today and we are 19 1/2 weeks. :) We are at the halfway mark Saturday! Praise the Lord for great news and good health!

We see our regular OB next week and see our cardiologist February 6th. If you can be in prayer for those appointments and for our peace that would be so appreciated.

Many of you have asked about our memorial we had for Reese December 31st and I'll be sure to post about that later this week. The day was very special and a sweet remembrance. We miss her everyday but we are so ever thankful and grateful we are carrying her sweet sister today.

We are absolutely resting in the goodness of today's news and appreciate the texts, cards, calls and emails. You all are more than wonderful. You are precious to us and we appreciate your continued love and support.

With hope, faith and love,
Jennifer & Jimmy 

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