Monday, February 6, 2012

Continued Blessings

Thank you all for your cards and texts and messages on our appointments. We were actually so lucky and fortunate to get into the cardiologist early! My sincerest apologies for not getting to this earlier! We had GREAT news at the cardiologist! He said it all looked great and his words were "couldn't look better." He assured us too that we were sent based on our past history only, not due to any indicators from this pregnancy. We were actually in good spirits when we went. We loved this Doctor & his staff from our appointments with Reese. They remembered us and remembered so many personal and specific things about us, it made us feel so blessed to have such caring Doctors. We left so excited and like a weight of the world was lifted off of us. We know no ultrasound or Doctor diganosis is 100% but after all we went through with Reese and the continued appointments, we learned a lot, and in that we learned to rest in the goodness. So, as a big of a struggle it is for me not to worry (story of my life for 33 years) :). I am resting in the goodness of our appointments. We are beyond blessed and thrilled. Thank you for your love, support and ALL your prayers.

Being pregnant again has brought back the feelings I had during pregnancy with Reese from last year. I was noting our appointments on our calendar and I noticed the week we had the good 20 week scan (the "big" scan) that I posted about, was the same week, almost to the exact day in January 2011 that we were given the poor diagnosis for sweet Reese and I wrote you all on this blog.  We stand amazed, heartbroken but ever blessed on the last year worth of entries.
 It's been a long and hard year, but we are so excited for what this year brings. Being pregnant again has been worrisome, and some days a bit terrifying, dreading appointments and what's to come, but it's all been worth feeling her litle kicks, having her scanned more times than 'normal' and knowing God has once again blessed us with a child. The feelings and the look of a swollen belly are extremely wonderful, but also a bit sad remembering the last time I was pregnant and the emotions I felt which only lead to us longing for her more. It's been so hard losing Reese, nothing will take her place as our firstborn and sometimes thats hard to explain. It's hard to accept and realize this pregnancy is different than Reese's but we again, choose to rest in the goodness, God's goodness, with His faithful hand on us, and soak up every ounce of this pregnancy and what it will bring. We are 22 weeks now and as much as I am ever thankful for normal appointments, and good scans, I am learning some patience too....... we don't have another appointment with our OB until Feb 23 and our Specialist Feb 27th! If you can pray for us during this 'waiting' time we'd be very thankful.
We are still amazed by each of you and the blessing YOU are to us.

I have started the post on our memorial we had for Reese and will publish it soon. How sweet of you all to reach out about that sweet day, we are very very touched by each of you.
~Phillipians 1:3~

With much love, faith and hope,
Jennifer & Jimmy


Claire Crowley said...

You, James, & this sweet growing baby are in my daily prayers. Thank you for all the updates even though I know some of them are bittersweet. Lots of love, Claire

6 in Love said...

So, so happy for you guys! Can't wait to meet that precious baby girl! Love you, Peaches

Kelly Evans said...

I LOVE hearing about this sweet baby!!! God is sooooooo GOOD!!!

The Clark's said...

Amen,amen,amen!! God is good ALL the time but this news is extra sweet. We will continue to lift you up in our prayers. Can't wait to meet her! Love, The Clark's