Thursday, August 2, 2012

For this Child we prayed (and we know you did too)

The title of this post is exactly what we put on our birth announcements. We know so many of you prayed for our child and we can't thank you enough. Our hearts are continually, daily blessed by each of you.

On Friday, June 8th my body started labor and on Saturday, June 9th, our little girl's due date, she punctually arrived at 1:28pm. Miss Emery Frances Martin joined our family and we were so overcome with joy to come face to face with the sweet little one that we had been feeling, been praying for without ceasing and the one who made our hearts desires come ever true. She was (and still is) more beautiful than we could imagine.

The labor wasn't as easy as we had hoped but ever so worth it and we haven't thought twice about it. We were just beyond excited to have her here and to have her healthy. So many folks told us how "safe" she was growing inside of me, and while that is certainly true, that was so so hard to grasp considering all we had been through. Also, to my surprise, the emotions of losing Reese were ever so present , specially the first few weeks of Emery's life. I even found myself almost calling her Reese several times, it was odd to me, that I had these feelings. I knew Reese's memory and sweet life would never be forgotten but I had hoped and prayed our sweet Emery would help heal so much of that hurt. And she has. God is good, He has heard our cry, He heard our prayer and He granted us our hearts desire (Psalm 37:4). He is faithful, and let me tell you, He is doing some a-mazing things in our little family of 3 already. He is moving in ways we can see and so many blessings have been bestowed on us this year, we have had some incredible things go on and so many prayers answered. So many prayers have been answered, and not only for our healthy little girl. We are in awe.

We are also still in awe of you. The sweet comments, cards, texts, e-mails and special gifts have overwhelmed us beyond what you can imagine. We are blessed by each of you every single day. We have yet to cook because so many of you have been selfless enough to provide meals for our family, we have been blessed by help and blessed by continued prayers. We have been blessed by SO many of you remembering sweet Reese during this time. Thank you for not forgetting our firstborn. Thank you for loving on our sweet Emery. Thank you for loving on us. The old proverb of "It takes a village to raise a child" we are BLESSED by the village you all are to us. We just love our life with our sweet little Emery and all the blessings she has been to us. We can't get enough of her sweetness.

              We stand in amazement by it all. Lots of miracles, along each step of the way....

And here she is....a miracle....our newest member of our family.......and our pride, joy and delight!
                                                Miss Emery Frances Martin

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Tayyub Khakan said...

How much a mother love with her baby. so nice................